Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Know Your Camera 3!

Ok what do you get when you put 15 photographic students, 2 hot models, 1 makeup artist and a couple of University instructors together on the beach in Hawaii with a van load of photographic equipment? Know Your Camera 3!

Yep after 3 years of talking about it we finally did it. The first Know Your Camera 3 class went off on Aug 2, 2008 on a beach in Hawaii. We couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous day or a better bunch of people to spend 4 hours at the beach!.

This Pacific New Media class will be a repeat for sure! Mahalo's to the people that helped to make this happen, we had PNM and the University of Hawaii, Flaunt, our models Levon & Pua and of course Scott from Digital Works 808 lending a hand.
For our first advanced photography class we had a great time. All the students seemed to be running out of memory on their digital cards, not to mention, batteries, sunscreen and water. It was hot but the pix were cool and everyone I got the chance to speak with really enjoyed themselves. Following the shoot on Saturday there were two days of pretty intense Photoshop work that took place at the Pacific New Media Center on the University of Hawaii campus.

I think some brain cells were burnt getting some of these images done in just a few hours of class time. All the students held up like troopers and I think all of them walked away with a better sense of what it takes to get your workflow down to produce pro quality images.

We have posted the before's and afters next to each other. Great Job !! to both students Roz and Laurice who reworked these images.

Density, color and objects all removed from both images. Coloring was added to the shot of Levon giving it some real drama and punch. While the students were busy working on getting the perfect shot our models delivered a great performance and our makeup artist made both of them look just great. You can't ell it but the wind was blowing, people were sweating because of the hot sun and she kept up with it all. Both models will get some great portfolio shots from this session as will our makeup artist. The students learned a boat load of info in just a 3 days during this intensive workshop and hopefully they will put it all into practice ASAP so they don't forget it. There was even talk of a KYC4 right after class on Tuesday! Hmmmm something to think about. Mahalo for all your hard work PNM, Flaunt, Scott our models and all of our students. We hope it was as much fun for you as it was for us.

I want to give a special Holla out to Barry, who took years and several 10's of lbs off of me when he did a head transplant in Photoshop with Levon. Mad Skills dude, you have a new profession waiting for you at the Enquirer.

P.S. I couldn't ask for a better belly tattoo than " Nikon 4 Life " ;) You da man!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Yea I'm There

Seen the commercials about how people are "there" in their lives? Well this installment of our Blog is a, Yea I'm there moment. Tomorrow my baby will be graduating from High School. I am both sad for me and excited for her. It hardly seems a day ago that she was this little pink bundle being handed to me in the hospital. The nurse mumbled something and I looked at her in complete amazement.

I still look at her with that RCA dog tilt to my head ( yea showing my age) because she has blossomed into this incredibly intelligent young woman with her whole life ahead of her.

We spent last Sunday taking her Senior pictures. Yea, Yea, I know I am a Photographer and my daughters senior pix are being taken just a week before her graduation. The old saying is true the barbers' kids have long hair. The cobblers kids have no shoes I know, I know but it's all good, like most things in life there is a reason, I wasn't ready.

I want to thank Christine of makeup808 and Flaunt. As well as Kris of on3photography for all their fantastic work, help and assistance.

Christine, Kai looked amazing, both you and your hair stylist did a great job ! Kris, always helpful, always goofy and fun to work with, I couldn't ask for a better person to help make my baby's senior pix everything I wanted them to be. You're awesome dude :-) smile!!

We did a lot of the images in Christine's makeup studio. I chose to shoot green screen so that we could add backgrounds as we saw fit following the session. It worked out great. We were able to add virtually any background we wanted to the images. Enhancing every shot to match the clothing change or Kai's mood.

My hope was to capture Kai as I know her. She's funny and bright with a quirky sense of humor. I know she has read more books in her 18 years than I think I have read my whole life. She's smart and beautiful, digs fashion and isn't afraid to laugh out loud, at or with you.

Following shooting in the studio, we went downtown and did some more urban setting images.

My personal favorite

While I really enjoyed this session with my daughter, it was a bitter sweet experience. Maybe that's why it took me so long to do this, I knew it would be hard.

As a father you always see your little girl as the one that was totally going to be like every princess, in every Disney movie she ever watched. You never see her as the woman she has so rapidly become.

To a Dad she is always that little girl, dancing in little pink plastic jelly shoes like they were glass slippers. Looking up at you, asking "will you twirl me like the prince does?".... and you do.

Tomorrow my princess will graduate from High School and in a cap and gown, begin a whole new chapter in her life. Yea I'm there, missing those days of twirling and jelly shoes.... but so very proud.
Congratulations Kai. I love you Dad.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

OMG that's a baby?!

For those of you that get our news letter, you already know that Jessica our designer/office associate, had a 10 lb baby in December. Yes ladies a 10 lb. baby! We had the distinct honor of shooting her and her new baby as well as her beautiful 3 year old daughter last week. Lots of fun and great pix too.

Jessica and her son are doing just fine. Jessica began designing albums just a few weeks after her son was born and is back creating great albums for all our brides. Her daughter was in rare form the day of our session. Always a blast to be around, she was having a great time showing off her new brother and doing the strong woman pose for the camera. Show us your "guns" Oh yea!!! Rock it girl!
This young lady is going to be a real man killer. Honest to a fault, confident and a great personality. I guess she is a chip off the ole' block. Say thanks mom.
Taking pix of kids is always so inpiring, energetic and honest. You've heard the phrase " from the mouths of babes" well I believe that if you ever want to know the reason we are all here, spend about 2 minutes having a conversation with a 3 year old and you will know. It will make you smile, frustrate you and open your mind to the universe all at the same time.
- Aloha

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Catch Up Catch up!!!

Wow how time flies.
I can't believe it's been a month since we began this Blog and I have yet to post anything to it?!!! This has to be fixed, I promise to be better at it. There has been Lots going on The biggest stuffs was the bridal expo at the convention center in Honolulu. Always a good time, a great opportunity to meet folks and talk with them about their weddings.
Following the show we always take the crue out to Bucca Di Beppo's for dinner. This Show we had 10 people for dinner, it took 3 hours and we had WAY too much food and fun. Pics below. Thanks to Bobarino & Terry & their family as well as , Scott & Debbie ( first time we met her she was a great sport and fit right in!!) & of course Connie and Our Family and My Parents. The show was a screamin success and we all had a great time ( I started a new diet the next day ; )
Bobarino - Shooter for Hawaiianpix, Sadly will be moving to Arizona later this year.

Bob and his Wife Terry, Great fun both of them, we all went up to D&B following dinner and were playing games til' way too late at night.

Scott & Debbie we hope to see more of Debbie in the future, she seems to be really good for Scotto

Connie & I have always appreciated the hard work our associates put in especially at these shows. They do so much for us, we honestly couldn't do it without them and we love them all like family. Dinner at Bucca's has become a tradition following our shows and it's always such a great time we couldn't imagine doing it without them.

Thanks Gang for a great show and we look forward to a great wedding season and 2008 !

Friday, March 21, 2008


Aloha & Welcome to our Blog,

We sincerely hope this will be a positive space for people to share, inspire and generally interact about all things photographic. Ok so it all sounds a little utopian, but honestly between our clients, photographers, e-zine readers, students and our natural and extended Ohana we think we can make it work.

So come on in, post a comment, question or even a pic for critique or review. We want to hear from you. - Aloha


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