Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Catch Up Catch up!!!

Wow how time flies.
I can't believe it's been a month since we began this Blog and I have yet to post anything to it?!!! This has to be fixed, I promise to be better at it. There has been Lots going on The biggest stuffs was the bridal expo at the convention center in Honolulu. Always a good time, a great opportunity to meet folks and talk with them about their weddings.
Following the show we always take the crue out to Bucca Di Beppo's for dinner. This Show we had 10 people for dinner, it took 3 hours and we had WAY too much food and fun. Pics below. Thanks to Bobarino & Terry & their family as well as , Scott & Debbie ( first time we met her she was a great sport and fit right in!!) & of course Connie and Our Family and My Parents. The show was a screamin success and we all had a great time ( I started a new diet the next day ; )
Bobarino - Shooter for Hawaiianpix, Sadly will be moving to Arizona later this year.

Bob and his Wife Terry, Great fun both of them, we all went up to D&B following dinner and were playing games til' way too late at night.

Scott & Debbie we hope to see more of Debbie in the future, she seems to be really good for Scotto

Connie & I have always appreciated the hard work our associates put in especially at these shows. They do so much for us, we honestly couldn't do it without them and we love them all like family. Dinner at Bucca's has become a tradition following our shows and it's always such a great time we couldn't imagine doing it without them.

Thanks Gang for a great show and we look forward to a great wedding season and 2008 !


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