Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Know Your Camera 3!

Ok what do you get when you put 15 photographic students, 2 hot models, 1 makeup artist and a couple of University instructors together on the beach in Hawaii with a van load of photographic equipment? Know Your Camera 3!

Yep after 3 years of talking about it we finally did it. The first Know Your Camera 3 class went off on Aug 2, 2008 on a beach in Hawaii. We couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous day or a better bunch of people to spend 4 hours at the beach!.

This Pacific New Media class will be a repeat for sure! Mahalo's to the people that helped to make this happen, we had PNM and the University of Hawaii, Flaunt, our models Levon & Pua and of course Scott from Digital Works 808 lending a hand.
For our first advanced photography class we had a great time. All the students seemed to be running out of memory on their digital cards, not to mention, batteries, sunscreen and water. It was hot but the pix were cool and everyone I got the chance to speak with really enjoyed themselves. Following the shoot on Saturday there were two days of pretty intense Photoshop work that took place at the Pacific New Media Center on the University of Hawaii campus.

I think some brain cells were burnt getting some of these images done in just a few hours of class time. All the students held up like troopers and I think all of them walked away with a better sense of what it takes to get your workflow down to produce pro quality images.

We have posted the before's and afters next to each other. Great Job !! to both students Roz and Laurice who reworked these images.

Density, color and objects all removed from both images. Coloring was added to the shot of Levon giving it some real drama and punch. While the students were busy working on getting the perfect shot our models delivered a great performance and our makeup artist made both of them look just great. You can't ell it but the wind was blowing, people were sweating because of the hot sun and she kept up with it all. Both models will get some great portfolio shots from this session as will our makeup artist. The students learned a boat load of info in just a 3 days during this intensive workshop and hopefully they will put it all into practice ASAP so they don't forget it. There was even talk of a KYC4 right after class on Tuesday! Hmmmm something to think about. Mahalo for all your hard work PNM, Flaunt, Scott our models and all of our students. We hope it was as much fun for you as it was for us.

I want to give a special Holla out to Barry, who took years and several 10's of lbs off of me when he did a head transplant in Photoshop with Levon. Mad Skills dude, you have a new profession waiting for you at the Enquirer.

P.S. I couldn't ask for a better belly tattoo than " Nikon 4 Life " ;) You da man!


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