Monday, February 16, 2009

WPPI Las Vegas

Ok dudes and dudettes, if you are takin pix for a living or for part of your living andyou haven't joined WPPI you seriously need to make this a priroity. Then after you have your membership card you need ot register for the annual convention for 2010. I will be giving you some of the highlights from our trip this year.

The convention is taking place at the MGM grand, a much larger facility than the previous convention we came to in 2007 at the Bally's and Paris. Hotels. We were joined in Vegas by Connie Sister Kim and the Bobarino, a former Hawaiianpix shooter from the islands that has begun his own business in Tucson AZ.

We started out our first night together at the Hard Rock resaurant in Vegas enjoyin some music, a couple of beers and oh yea the bridal party that had their reception at the next table. Connie and "Bob abra cadabra rino" had attended the business institute during the day and had some great marketing and business ideas for the coming year.

We all discussed the latestest trends in the business from, websites to marketing to making your business stand out from the "digital Debbies" out there

Sunday was filled with print competition from weddings to commercial to "premier" this has become one of the biggest reasons we attend this event. Literally thousands of photographers from countries all around the world submit their photos for reveiw. As you sit and watch the judging, the intensity with which some of the images are debated is incredibly educational. Allowing the comments to filter through your own work as you run images through your mind that you have done recently. To see how other professionals percieve the work in front of them and gain insight into being a better image maker, this the reason we never miss this part of the show.

Monday was the opening of one of the largest trade shows I have seen yet. Everything photographic was there. unreal. It's like disney land, you have to go back to see it all. I will write more on this a after seeing more of it on Tuesday.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Michael & Michele's 25th Wedding Anniversary In Hawaii

We had an interesting call a few weeks back from a soon to be customer that came to us as a referral. Now the interesting thing wasn't the referral, that happens frequently. It was that the referral came from Tennessee. Now we love it when people refer their friends and family members but I gotta say, we love it even more when that referral comes from 3000 miles away.

Mahalo to Charlotte and Jeff for sending us Michele and Michael, as they celebrated thier 25th wedding anniversary. What a great couple of people.
I loved the story of how they met and didn't really like for eachother on that first date. Seem's their friends knew that the two of them belonged together though and kept Michael up to speed on what Michele was doing after that 1st date. Sure enough, a few years after that first date, they had a chance meeting. Now 25 years later we get to be part of their celebration! We wish them 25 more years if happiness.
Aloha Michele & Michael.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's February? Huh? What Year?

Wholey Moley,

I can not believe it is February 2009 already, where did the last ..... 6 months go? Don't know man it's a blurr. Wanted to share a few "New Years Resolutions" with you folks. Since it's February already, maybe I should be saying "kung hei fat choi resolutions" Cause my new year seems closer to the Chinese calendar than the traditional western one.

Sorry it's been so long guys, anyway the new year brings great promise for our Blog. Yep it's a resolution to post as much as possible all events that we participate in through the year. You will be getting the latest from us so check in often. We might even announce some cool stuff, offer specials you can only get if you read the blog etc. So stay tuned.

Today we are working hard on upcoming events. Trying to plan for the WPPI convention, our travel and business needs while we're gone etc. We spent part of January preparing competition prints for the 16x20 print competition. We have posted the pix we submitted for competition here below. We will update the posts once we know how well ..... or not so well we did with them.

This pic was posted on our blog during Kai's Senior Portrait Session. It was strong enough to enter in the competition

Title: "Waiting at opportunities door"

This image is one that is a personal favorite, again from Kai's Senior portrait session. Kai is an avid reader. The twilight series of book was the current passion when we did this shot. I wanted to create a great black and white scene that emulated where she usually reads, which is in bed. We shot this in a studio setting, switched out her jammies with her prom dress, and laughed about the concept.

Title: "What Did You Do On Prom Night?"

This next image was done during a bridal portrait session. It was submitted in the "bride alone" category. The session was awesome. Thanks Kat. We may even submit more images from this one in future competitions.
Title: " His Solace"

Have a great weekend everyone. - Aloha


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