Friday, June 26, 2009

Congratulations Kat & Shaun

Ok so a couple of weeks ago we got a call from one of our favorite brides, Kat. You will see Kat in a lot of our advertising, she has even done a "trash the dress session" for an entire class full of UH students. She is a bunch of fun to work with and no surprise, her hubby Shaun is no different.

She and her husband were married quickly before the whole deployment thing and will be doing a re-marriage in PA. in early July. Anyway, she decided to do a pre.... well really post engagement session. So we started kicking around ideas. I had wanted to do a session downtown Honlulu for some time. There is a ton of character in the buildings, the lights etc and it just fit.

A week ago Sunday we met downtown and Kat, her hubby Shaun, Scott and I went to work. 4 hours later, we had some great sample shots, a ton of laughs and a hunger ( we all missed dinner) that just wouldn't be contained. Shaun I hope you got a great meal. Anyway here are a few pix from that session.and a little videoslideshow, YOU GUYS ROCK N F'N ROLL!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

March.. April.... May, How did it get to be June?

Ok so we have to throw the new years resolution out the window on this one. Dude it's JUNE!!! Can you believe that 1/2 of the year has slipped away? For anyone that has read the other blog postings you know I made it a resolution to Blog more often, I really REALLY have to do that. So much has happened with Hawaiianpix since we attended the WPPI convention in Vegas in Feb.

Not just shooting but more classes at the University of Hawaii at Manoa's Outreach College, and LAB services. Wow! We are turning up the heat on our Lab services for 2009. Lets start there.

In February we began working to offer professional printing services to our MAC friends out there. For nearly 3 years now Hawaiianpix has worked with Express Digital to bring PC users direct sales through Photoreflect online. As a drop ship, online Pro Lab, offering photographers the ability to sell their work through a turnkey online service; Hawaiianpix has seen the number of photographers sending work to us increase steadily. We even offer online software for home use to PC based customers so that they too can get great quality images from our Pro Lab and never have to leave home.

We will soon be launching a new side to our website that will allow us to offer not only the PC based customer interface to our Pro Lab service, but our Mac customers will soon be able to send us orders as well. Thanks to a direct FTP upload and through a second online provider, Image Quix. As an online provider of image printing services, we also added the ability for photographers to setup websites through Image Quix to see how this works click here Stay tuned for all the latest developments. We will update and send customers an invite to try the services once they are online.


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