Friday, July 3, 2009

Melissa's Senior Portrait

Last Sunday we had a great senior portrait session with Melissa. She will be graduating class of 2010 and is one of those all around kinda kids. She plays tennis.. quite well, and is a great student. She was selected for a very special scholarship that is given only to one student in each state by Nestle' and she was a blast to work with.

We first met Melissa when we were called to do her "promo" shots for the Nestle' scholarship booklet that is produced each year by Nestle' to promote their program. We of course agreed and had such a great time with our session, we were asked to do her "non- traditional" senior portraits.

What do we mean by "non-traditional"? Well, all schools have contract photographers that produce yearbooks for them. Most of these places spend 10-30 minutes per student doing the "sit, turn and pose" type of photos we all have in our yearbooks.

At Hawaiianpix we like to offer the kids the opportunity to spend a couple of hours doing their photos. We will do either a studio session with them or an environmental or both depending on their package. Before the session we consult with the seniors and work with them to produce a more personal and meaningful senior portrait. Hey this is the best time of their lives, they might as well have pictures that reflect that.

With our sessions we can provide prints, internet usage images and a line of other products that the students can use to share their special senior session. Below is the Mahalo vid that we produce for all of our seniors. This is our gift to them for choosing Hawaiianpix for their Non-Traditional Senior portrait.


Know a senior that want's something non traditional, call or visit for details.


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