Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tagger / Artist Writes for Hawaiianpix

It has been several months since our last post but we have a great reason. We opened a new studio in Mililani and have taken on some very cool projects. This is the story of Pheyr's art that hangs 10x10 in our space. Everyone.... and I do mean everyone that sees it says the exact same thing . . . Cool! That absolutely describes our artist. A quite, soft spoken kid that has some seriously mad skills.

This whole thing started when we approached a team of writers, taggers, Artists that were working on a wall near our studio. They had the permission of the owners to be there and while that isn't always the case these guys and gals are serious about their work. One particular artist "Pheyr" struck us as intense and focused, his sketch book shows it. Awesome stuff. This team of painters, are loosely held together by a former tagger who is working hard to get their art recognized in legal approved venues. Anyone that is seriously considering doing something like this for their place, needs to contact us and we will pass on their info.

OK Long story short, 4 weeks later Pheyr is painting a new backdrop for our studio to use with our high school seniors and youth portraits. We thought it only fitting that he get the "first shot" with his creation.

With just a few color selections by us, a couple of days of spraying and a wall sized canvas, our new backdrop was born. We think it is amazing and couldn't wait to shoot with it in the studio. Check out his 2 day odyssey in this slide show.

We are proud to know him by his first name, an incredible young street artist,who really wants to attend The Art Institute in New York. We hope that he makes it cause is work is crazy good. We want to say Mahalo to "Pheyr" for his awesome work.


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