Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It Wasn't A TRAIN WRECK, It Was Just KYC#3

Aloha AllWe haven't run our KYC3 class through the University of Hawaii's Pacific New Media Program for about 6 months and this will be the last one for the year. We had some outstanding people though that helped make this class a BIG success.

First off I want to thank Laurie Gomes our makeup artist for doing an outstanding job with the models on the day. Your work is amazing and the models looked GREAT!....Who was supposed to have their hair spiked?  Scott Barnes our favorite second shooter was there too doin the T.A. thing.... Uhhhhh that's Teachers Assistant..... We were also joined by our world famous image editor Janel Roback and the newest addition to the Hawaiianpix team our inter, Meghan Osborn. I couldn't have pulled this session off without you guys, YOU ROCK !  

Then Of course there were the models' We had Cody, Sapphire, what a great couple referred by Laurie and Abbey on referral from Dawn Nash. You guys all made this EASY. I loved the look you guys all totally go into the " urban vamp " theme of the session and the Hawaii Railway Museum was a perfect location for this. 

The session began at 8 am, we took the students through 3 different aspects of a commercial model shoot, Lighting, Photography and Wardrobe. While the Photographers don't always have control over all aspects of a session like this it is really great if they at least know how the different parts of the session work. 
Each student had the opportunity to work in each area of the session, but once the models got on set.... it was hard to find a lighting person, everyone was grabbing their cameras. The Hawaii Railway Museum was very gracious. They allowed us the " run of the yard " for the session, while it was really..... REALLY hot by the time we were done no one was complaining.
During this 4 hour shoot class, we were able to do about 3 full sets of lighting, and a few clothing changes on the models. We talked about doing even funkier photos but just plain ran out of time. Maybe at the next class...

The class is designed as a workflow class with a 1/2 day of shooting and 2 nights 4 hours each of computer work and image manipulation using both lightroom and Photoshop. The students as well as the models and our makeup artist should come away with some really great photos to use in their portfolios. You can check the links below for the next series of classes we will be running through the UH Manoa and in Mililani. If you are interested in learning more about DSLR photography from the professionals, get in touch with the Pacific New Media Department of the University of Hawaii or contact us here through our website at Hawaiianpix. - Aloha


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