Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Papailoa Beach

North Shore

Our most popular location for our photo sessions is at the beach. There is no denying that the scenery in Hawaii is absolutely breath taking. Our customers love to take full advantage of the beautiful scenery. Jerry shoots at beaches all over Oahu, but one of the most popular beaches is Papailoa Beach on the North Shore.

Papailoa Beach is point "A" on the map

When our customers are unsure of a location, we often suggest shooting at Papailoa Beach. The beach is located about a mile away from the famous surfing town, Haleiwa.
 Papailoa Beach is a public beach nestled in a residential area. Unlike the crowded beaches of Waikiki, Papailoa Beach tends to be fairly empty and private.  

Take a look at a few of the photographs Jerry has taken at Papailoa Beach. 

Not only is the beach a perfect location to spot a sea turtle, but the area includes a wide variety of scenery which is perfect for stunning photographs. Papailoa Beach is also the perfect location for that romantic Hawaiian sunset.

 We can't promise a rainbow but they do happen a lot up here!!!

The North Shore is the country and the photos reflect that!

Surfboards are awesome props for this location

Palm tree lovers will find lots of greenery here too

And the waves, well the waves can steal the show!!!

And you might just get a picture with a green sea turtle!

If you are interested in getting your photographs taken at 
Papailoa Beach on the North Shore 
please contact Andy at (808) 387-0869 or by email at office@hawaiianpix.com.

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