Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Win a $100 Hawaiianpix Gift Certificate

You may have received a very exciting promotion in your mailbox last week. 

If you have a photograph featured in one of the Hawaiianpix Facebook Albums you have the chance to win a $100 Hawaiianpix gift certificate!

How can you win the gift certificate? It is easy! Simply let all your friends and family know about Hawaiianpix Photography's Facebook page. Have them go to your photograph in the gallery and like or comment on the image. The photograph with the most feedback by December 5th will win a $100 Hawaiianpix gift certificate to use on any of our services!!

What are you waiting for?! Go see if you have a chance to win! 

 In case you missed the email, here is a copy of what we sent out. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thank You from Hawaiianpix!

Thanksgiving is less than 24 hours away, and we are all day dreaming about stuffing our faces with delicious food tomorrow. But before we begin in the festivities, the entire Hawaiianpix crew wants to give a big  
to all our amazing clients!

It has been a very busy fall season, which is a wonderful thing. We have had the privilege of meeting people from all over the United States (and sometimes the world).  We love each and every one of our clients. With out you guys there would truly be no Hawaiianpix.

So visualize all of us at Hawaiianpix giving you all a big virtual HUG!

Okay, having a hard time visualizing our virtual hug? Maybe some of these hugging themed photos will help! 

S Family -

Lauren and Ricky - 

S Family - 

N Family -

Matt and Sarah - 

U Family - 

Mike and Mandy - 

L Family - 

Cindy and Gerry - 

We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! Hawaiianpix will be closed November 24th and November 25th, but will resume normal business hours on Saturday the 26th. 

Friday, November 18, 2011

"Pixurelab by Hawaiianpix" Mobile App

Did you know that there is a mobile app that makes it possible to instantly print off professionally quality photos from your phone? All you have to do is upload your photos from your phone onto the LifePics app and select Hawaiianpix Pixurelab as your location to print them off. We print in our lab and you pick them up. It is that easy!  To explain it in detail lets go through the process step-by-step (example shown on an Android phone) -

First of all, go to your app store on your iPhone, iPad, or Android enabled device and search for the "Lifepics App." Its a free app and easy to download and install.

Step 1: Find the app and download and install - 

Step 2: Open the app on your phone -

Step 3: Go to "My Account" -

Step 4: Create an account. Or if you already have one just log-in.

Step 5: If you live in Hawaii, you will need to find the Hawaiinapix Pixurelab. To select us as your store, you can use your current location (GPS enabled) or you can enter your Hawaiian postal code. If you don't live in Hawaii, no worries! You still have the opportunity to get your photos printed at a professional lab. You simply need to find other professional printing labs in your area by using your current location or postal code.

Step 6: Once you have entered in your location, you will be directed to another screen. When you are on this screen you will need to choose Pixurelab as your fulfillment lab. 

Step 7: Once you have chosen your lab, the next step is uploading the photos you want to have printed from your mobile device.  You will need to go back to your homepage and select "Albums."

Step 8: Your phone's camera roll (or gallery) will be the first album listed. If you already have a Pixurelab account, then your past Pixurelab photo albums will show up below your camera's roll. If this is your first time using Pixurelab, then the only album listed will be your camera roll.

Step 9: Select the album and the images that you want to print. For easy ordering, make sure they are all the same size. 

Step 10: Upload your selected image(s).

Step 11:
Choose the quantity and size of the image you want to print. It is important to remember that there is a 3 MEGAPIXELS minimum for 8x10 prints.

Step 12: Once you have completed the quantity, add them to your shopping cart. The minimum cart order is $2.00, so make sure you order enough for all your friends! 

Step 13: The final step! Complete your contact information and submit the order. When your order is completed, you will get a notification through your email saying your order is completed and ready for pick-up! Note: the app doesn't have a way to include shipping cost, so orders are available for pick-up only. 

That is all! Only 13 easy steps to get your mobile photos printed at a professional print lab. With the Lifepics app you can store your images online for up to six months for free, share your photos directly with your facebook account, and email your images to family and friends. You can also download images from your facebook account (full resolution is best) to your Pixurelab account for storage and printing anywhere.

Do you live far away from your friends and family? You can stay connected with Pixurelab by downloading your pictures to the app and choosing to have your pictures printed off at a location close to your family and friends. Once they are ready for pick-up, your family member or friend can go their neighborhood location to get the prints you sent them!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Holiday Cut-Off Dates!

Hawaiianpix has some important cut-off dates for holiday ordering!

You might have woken up and seen this email in your inbox today -

To clarify - We will still go ahead with our existing reservations December 11th - January 9th, however, during that time period we will not be accepting reservations. 

It is important to take note of all the special dates. We want to make sure your holiday orders are received in time for Christmas. 

You may have noticed the deadline for the end of all our online specials. If you are don't know what online specials we are talking about here they are - 

Those are some amazing deals you aren't going to want to miss out on!! 

If you have any questions please contact us at 808-387-0869 or office@hawaiianpix.com.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mahalo to Our Military!

This Veteran's Day, the Hawaiianpix crew wants to say a big MAHALO to our military!

We appreciate everything that our military and their families sacrifice for us everyday. Living in Hawaii, we are surrounded by all military branches - Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, and Coast Guard. Many of our valued clients have a military connection.

Amanda and Jason - 

 Did you know that the majority of the Hawaiianpix crew is made up of military spouses? We are one big military family representing a wide variety of branches.

Jerry and his wife, Connie, are the owners of Hawaiianpix. Connie is retired Air Force. We got her to dig up some photos of her early Air Force days. Love her glasses in the second picture!

Connie at Chanute AFB, IL 1987

Connie at McGhee - Tyson AFB, TN 1988

Lyndsi is the Hawaiianpix lab technician. Her husband is in the Marines. They got married two years ago in Massachusetts. Here is a photo from their wedding day - 

Lastly, we have Wes, an associate photographer at Hawaiiwanpix. His wife is a senior airman in the Air Force. This year they went to Maui and tried zip-lining. Here they are before they headed down the zip-line -

Hawaiianpix will be closed on November 11, 2011 for Veteran's Day and we will be unable to take reservation and answer phone calls.  However, we will resume our normal business hours on Saturday.  Mahalo!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"Mahalo-ween" Party

Halloween has come and gone, and we are all still recovering from our sugar induced comas. Before you block Halloween out of your mind until next year, we thought we would share what the Hawaiianpix crew was up to the day before Halloween.

This year we were asked to participate in the Hawaiian Prince "Mahalo-ween" Party to celebrate all the hotel's employees and their family.  The "thank you" party was an exciting movie themed Halloween party. Of course, Halloween costumes were highly encouraged...and this included the Hawaiianpix crew!

Here you see the Hawaiianpix crew all dressed up. The goul and "Hit Girl" are attacking the cowgirl because she had a lame last-minute costume. Mr. Incredible is...well...he is just showing off his muscles.

  Mr. Incredible (aka Jerry), Hit Girl (aka Connie), a scary goul (aka Lyndsi), and lame "cowgirl" (aka Micole)

Are you wondering how the Chipmunks got in the photo? Well they were part of the amazing movie themed props at party. Before the employees and their families walked the red carpet, they would first stop and get a photo with the Chipmunks. A short while after getting their pictures taken, Hawaiianpix printed off their photos with a spooky over-lay and the photos were ready for pick-up from their costumed owners.

We love how creative the employees and their families got with their costumes! Here is just a small sampling of some of the great costumes we saw that day.

A big MAHALO to the Hawaiian Prince Hotel for letting us participate in their first annual "Mahalo-ween" Party. If you would like to schedule Hawaiianpix for your next event call us at 808-387-0869 or email us at office@hawaiianpix.com. You can also check out our event rates on our website.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Facebook Holiday Specials

Have you liked Hawaiianpix's facebook page yet??

If not, you are missing out on some amazing holiday specials! We just released our newest holiday special. You will have to head over to our facebook page to see what it is, but lets just say you can save some major money on your next print order! Released just in time for you to order those prints for the holiday season!

How do you like us on facebook?? It is easy! Just click here... 

... and then push "LIKE". Once you do that, you can keep up with our latest promotions. Who knows, you may even find a photo of you on our facebook page!

And don't forget, we are still offering a prize package to a randomly selected facebook fan of $300 worth of Silpada Sterling Silver Jewelry once we hit our 1,000 like!!

What are you waiting for?! Head over to facebook and check it out!

Friday, November 4, 2011

To Wear or Not to Wear? That is the Question!

Okay, so you have your appointment scheduled. The time and location are all set. Now comes the hard part....what should we wear?

One of the most important things we tell clients is to wear something comfortable. When you are comfortable in the clothes you are wearing, your pictures reflect it. We always suggest something in natural fabrics, cottons and light weight work best for portraits.

Janet and Matthew - 

Don't forget about the location. If you are getting your photos taken at the beach remember to dress accordingly. You will be walking in sand, so high heels are not ideal. Flip-flops work great for the sand, however, most clients prefer just to go barefoot.

B Family at Kawailoa Beach - 

If your location is at the studio or in a park, then shoes are definitely recommended. The type of shoe you wear is really up to you. We just suggest that you keep it consistent with everybody in the family.  Don't mix formal shoes and flip-flops. If one person wants to wear formal shoes, then you should match the whole family.

H Family at Ala Moana Beach Park -

Lastly, it is important to remember that you don't want your clothes to compete with you as the main subject. We usually suggest staying away from busy prints and sticking with solid colors.  Solid colors work best with the Hawaiian scenery in any location and present a clean bold front to your portrait.

G Family at Kawailoa Beach - 

H Family at Ala Moana Beach Park - 

The key is to tie everyone together. Everyone should be in a common thread color. A neutral color or black/white combination look great in photographs. White and khaki or white and black seem to be a very popular color combination for our clients.

Levi and Harmony at Ala Moana Beach Park - 

Thy and Than at Kawailoa Beach -

C Family at Kawailoa Beach -

G Family at Kawailoa Beach - 

If you use a colors (blue, red, pink, teal, etc), make sure that there are accents of the same hue in multiple people in the group shot. This will help to create a cohesive appearance for your group or even as a couple.

T Family at Kawailoa Beach -

K Family at Kawailoa Beach - 

L Family at Ala Moana Beach Park - 

Jacquelean and John at Kawailoa Beach - 

S Family at Hickam Air Force Base  - 

S Family at Ko'Olina Marriott Beach Club - 

M Family at Aulani Resort - 

 Rachel and David at Kawailoa Beach - 

Just remember to keep it simple. You will make the photographs beautiful; your clothes need to be secondary. If you have any more questions about what to wear, check out the "clothing" portion of our   portrait agreement.

If you have the clothes, but haven't booked a session yet. Call Andy at 808-387-0869 or email her at office@hawaiianpix.com.


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