Friday, February 24, 2012

Our 300th Facebook Fan!

Nothing makes us happier than logging into the Hawaiianpix Facebook page, and seeing that we have a new "like." It makes us all giddy and warm inside with Facebook love. We love all our Hawaiianpix Facebook fans. Every single one of them.

This week we hit a big milestone! We made it to 300 fans on the Hawaiianpix Facebook page. Since we aren't ones to take these big milestones quietly, we thought we would announce the news from the blogosphere roof top...

We have over 300 fans now! 

Who was the lucky number 300, you may be asking yourself? We were happily shocked to see that the lucky person has a big tie to Hawaiianpix Photography. 

 It just so happens to be our good ol' friend Bob. 

Here you see Bob and his wife Lynn at their beautiful North Shore wedding. Jerry had the honor of shooting their wedding in 2010. You can see more photos from this gorgeous wedding by liking our Facebook page and checking out their gallery titled "Bob and Lynn."

Bob is a retired Air Force Major. Him and his wife currently live with their children in California. They use to live in Hawaii, and during this time Bob was a former student of the Hawaiianpix photography workshops. Bob is an excellent creative photographer, and his amazing skills led him to become a sub-contractor photographer for Hawaiianpix. He quickly became a good friend of Jerry and Connie, and even though he now lives in California he still continues to be a loyal Pixurelab customer.

We couldn't have asked for a better lucky number 300! 

Thanks Bob and Lynn for letting us exploit your Facebook liking shamelessly on our blog and Facebook page! What a great friend! 

Don't forget to check out more of their wedding portraits on Facebook! Make sure you "like" our page. Who knows, you could be lucky number 400?!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Leap Year Special!

In honor of Leap Year, check out Hawaiianpix's newest promotion! 

When you select the photos that you want to purchase, simply enter the discount code at check-out. Email labtech@hawaiianpix if you would like your gallery re-posted online 

Act fast! This deal only happens once every four years!!

*If you were having problems entering the discount code from February 17-20th, we have resolved the issue. The codes should definitely work now! Mahalo.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Waimanalo Bay State Recreation Area

Lately, we have been booking a lot of appointments at 

Waimanalo Bay State Recreation Area

 Since we've already done a blog post about our two popular locations, Kawailoa Beach on the North Shore and Ala Moana Beach Park in South Oahu, it is only fitting to do one about Waiamanalo Bay State Recreation Area.

Waimanalo Bay State Recreation Area is located on the east part of Oahu. For anybody that is familiar with that part of the island, the beach is located directly in-between Bellows Beach and Waimanalo Beach.

Waimanalo Bay State Recreation Area is point "A" on the map

There are many reasons why we love shooting at this location. The bay is fairly easy to find for our out of state visitors. The area is easy to access, and parking never seems to be a problem. There are also public restrooms for our clients to use during their session time. Waimanalo Bay State Recreation Area also provides two types of backgrounds for our clients:  beach and wooded

First, there is the large, beautiful beach area. The water at Waimanalo Bay State Recreation Area is always an amazing shade of turquoise blue and very calm.

The beach area has a great view of Rabbit Island and the Mokulua Islands. 

The wooded part of Waimanalo Bay State Recreation Area is another big perk of this location! Not only does it add a shaded area for our clients on hot days, but the trees offer a perfect background.

As beautiful as this location is, there are a few downsides of Waimanalo Bay State Recreation Area. This location tends to be windy, so we always suggest bringing a hair tie if you have long hair. 

Finally, this location is not our ideal location for a sunset session. The sun sets on the other side of the island so there isn't that picturesque view of the setting sun that people imagine when they think of a Hawaiian sunset.

If you want to schedule your next appointment at Waimanalo Bay State Recreation Area, call Andy at 808-387-0869. She is in the office Tuesday - Friday, 9am-1pm HST taking reservations.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Zenfolio Website Maintenance

To all our valued clients, 
Zenfolio, the website that Hawaiianpix uses to host your online gallery, is performing maintenance on their website from February 14-17th, 2012.

During this maintenance period, you may run in to some problems with accessing, viewing or purchasing your online images. If you encounter any problems, please contact us right away so we can get the issue resolved.

You can email Andy at or call her Tuesday-Friday 9am-1pm HST at 808-387-0869.
We apologize in advance for any issues that might arise during their update. 

Hawaiianpix Photography

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hawaiianpix Employee Dinner

What most of our clients don't realize about Hawaiianpix Photography, is that it is a great place to work! Although we are mostly part-time employees, Jerry and Connie always go out of their way to make us feel special and needed. You could say that we are all one big happy family here at Hawaiianpix Photography. 

A few weeks ago, Jerry and Connie treated all of the current and past employees to a nice dinner at Buca di Beppo. Not only was the dinner a nice ending to a very busy 2011 business year, but it was also a good opportunity for all of us and our families to hang out together outside of the busy workday.

 Here is the whole entire Hawaiianpix Crew - 

Here we have the same photo with some helpful labels - 

Left to Right - Janel and her family, Jerry and Connie's kids, Connie and Jerry, Wes and his wife, Tina, Lyndsi and her husband, Paul, and Micole and her husband, Jason.
Jerry pulled out all the big guns to make us all feel special, including reserving the infamous "Pope Room" at the restaurant. This fancy room was complete with an ornate ceiling and numerous photos of all the Popes through the years. Nothing says true Italian food then the Pope staring at you while you stuff your face with the delicious food....

Nobody left the restaurant hungry. Everything served at Buca di Beppo is family style portions. They put the dishes on a lazy-susan so the food is accessible to everybody at the table. You would think that we all hadn't eaten for days by the amount of food that we ordered.

Of course, boss man, Jerry, was at the head of the table in the Pope's chair. 

Dessert was also served family style. We got TWO brownie sundays served in a martini class the size of our heads. Amazingly we finished it all! Probably helped that we had two pregnant ladies at the table too :)  (Wes' wife, Tina, and Micole are both pregnant and due June/July...something is in the water!)

We all had a wonderful time stuffing our faces and laughing at Jerry's jokes. Not everyone is lucky enough to have such an amazing bosses. We all feel very fortunate!

Here is one last group photo. It is hard to tell, but we were mimicking photos of the Pope that were behind us. Yes, we are a crazy bunch.

Thank you Jerry and Connie for being such great bosses!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Important!! Groupon Expiration Dates

As many of you may know, we have released a few Groupons in the past year. 
All of them have a 6 month expiration date.

It is important to remember the expiration dates of your Groupon, because scheduling your  appointment is always based on availability. Saturday is our most popular day. We offer sessions Tuesday through Saturday so you may find more available times on a weekday.

We want to make sure we can get all of our Groupon clients booked on the day that they are hoping to schedule. Of course, a few factors may influence scheduling your appointment.


1. We revolve all our session locations based on the first appointment to be schedule for that day. I know we live on an island, but it is still hard for us to get from one location to another location all in one day.  Especially, when you factor in traffic! Anybody that has driven downtown Honolulu during a week day knows exactly what I am talking about.

Honolulu Traffic Photo Source
If you have a specific location that you absolutely love, we recommend calling months in advance. It is easier for us to book you for that special location if you are the first person to be booked for that day.

2. We only schedule families with children under the age of 5 years old before 10am. I know this may seem like a weird company policy to some people, but Jerry has 30 years of photography experience to know that children after 10am are typically completely unwilling to get their picture taken. It is warmer, the sun is brighter, the little ones start squinting more, then they miss that nap time and all of a sudden they turn into this...

Photo Source

If you are ready to book your Groupon portrait session call Andrea "Andy" at 808-387-0869. She is in the office Tuesday-Saturday from 9am-1pm HST ( Hawaiian Standard Time)


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