Friday, May 11, 2012

Trash the Dress Session

A photographers point of view
-Written by Jerry, photographer / owner of Hawaiianpix Photography-

Photographing a trash the dress session is almost like doing the wedding all over again without the guest list, minister or reception bill. When you think about it there is anticipation in these sessions that start with a series of small events, deciding on a location that represents what the bride and groom agree on getting ready, doing hair and makeup, etc. just like the wedding. This all of course leads up to a main, once in a life time event that celebrates a threshold, from which you can never return, the actual moment the dress is trashed.

When a bride decides to do a “trash the dress” session she is in some ways reliving the excitement of getting married all over again. The emotions can be just a powerful and they should be shared with her spouse and they should absolutely be involved in this event. When we do these session we treat them just like our engagement sessions or actual weddings. There is just as much ROMANCE generated as a result of the emotions surrounding the final event as there was on the couples’ wedding day.

I believe the reason for this is the special bond that is sometimes experienced between a bride and her wedding dress. They spend months in most cases choosing the perfect fit, style and fabric quality. This isn’t just a dress, it is an outward expression announcing to her friends and family the emotions she is feeling about  the person she is marrying and about herself.  When she decides to abandon this symbol of her expressed love, it truly means she is casting off the last of her life before marriage and is ready to start a whole new chapter with the person she promised the rest of her life to.

The best sessions we have done include both the bride and the groom. We play in clothing that they once tried to keep so perfect, we laugh at the conventional, traditional “ideal marriage” garb and in the process release emotions of a newly revived commitment between the two of them.

We love to do these sessions because they are a “real event” not staged or posed but fluid and journalistic just like a wedding. We flow with the feelings of the couple as the anticipation of the main event builds, we record the emotion and celebrate the step over that threshold with them when the dress is finally trashed.

There are few things in life that are as memorable as your wedding day, we see the Trash the dress session as an extension and progression from that day and find it worth being a part of. If you would like to take a step together into the new life you have built together with your spouse that is significant, romantic and emotionally powerful schedule a trash the dress session today.  Call Andy at 808-387-0869 or email at

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Your Vote is Needed!!

Our Mommy and Me 
Facebook Photo Contest is in full swing!

The voting is getting intense!! Have you placed your vote yet?!

Head over to the Hawaiianpix Photography Facebook page to place your vote* on your favorite Mommy and Me themed photo. 

The winner will receive their choice of either a... 

FREE 1 hour family photo session (up to 5 people) any where on Oahu ($170 value)


FREE Print Package worth up to $170!
(includes 2- 8x10's, 2- 5x7's, 2- 4x6's and 4 wallets)

Voting ends May 4, 2012. 
The winner will be announced by Tuesday, May 8, 2012

*Winner will be selected based on the most valid votes they received for their photo by May 4, 2012 at midnight HST. For a vote to be valid, user must comment on their favorite photo AND "like" the Hawaiianpix Facebook page. Only one comment per person counts towards a vote on each photo. However, the same person can place their vote on more than one contest photo. Any questions or concerns can be directed towards*


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