Friday, June 29, 2012

A Few Words About Yelp

Is Yelp A Good Reference For A Business? 

A message from Jerry Omo Jr. (Photographer/Owner of Hawaiianpix Photography)

 Okay, so I don't like to put " negative stuff " on a blog or website or other place that can adversely influence our clients. I have however, been moved by a wrong that just needs to be righted. We started our YELP business account along with the rest of the folk out there as a means of promoting honest, pure and un-edited responses from our customers. I have to say that this BLOG is totally designed to dispute the validation of the YELP "review" process of comments made on business accounts. A few months ago we were approached by YELP to advertise on their site. I declined. Honestly, I have been in business for over 30 years and while we have had our fair share of unsatisfied clients (everyone does) we have had a whole lot more very happy and repeat clients. Shortly after we told YELP that we weren't interested in advertising on their site to the tune of $2000 per year, we found that several of our positive comments were oddly removed from our YELP site. Additionally, we had a comment from a potential client, who didn't actually make a reservation with us, that we were a total rip off..... HMMMM I said interesting. I thought these guys were "unbiased" but I guess not. 

We have provided a link from our website for some time to our YELP profile, however, since this obvious infraction against unbiased reporting on a business' performance, we have since removed YELP from the direct links on our website. In all fairness, we did contact YELP about this issue. They told us that the reason that the "positive responses" we received were removed, was because they didn't meet the logarithm they have that which evaluates the responses to our site, and kicks out those that were over the top? Really? Do they think we are paying our clients to do this? Again HMMMM, why didn't the logarithm kick out the ones that were totally false? Dead silence from YELP. We considered removing our YELP affiliation all together, then we thought twice. The idea was that if our YELP account was bombarded by comments from our clients that were happy with our service, they might actually contact us again for advertising. At which point we would refer them to this BLOG. 

So here is the challenge If you have had a great experience with Hawaiianpix, please feel free to follow the link below and make a comment. When we are contacted by YELP to do additional advertising with them, and decline, we will list those that were deleted from our YELP profile of reviews here on our BLOG to test the system. I think that it is time to review the reviewers. I understand how businesses need to evolve to survive, but if they are doing it at the expense of other businesses. Who have the ability to excite and inspire a client to post a very positive comment about their service, then delete it to make a few bucks on advertising, that is flat out wrong. 

 Speak with your keyboard! Let YELP know that they need to be FAIR with their service and simply post both good and bad for any business, let the chips fall where they may. Using a computer program to "weed out the over the top" comments of any business is a false representation of that business's service, product or ability to provide a positive experience to their clients. 

 Link to Hawaiiianpix comment section - Hawaiianpix-Yelp 

 If you find yourself making a comment, we thank you for your contribution to this cause. If you simply read this and draw an opinion about YELP as a result of their practice of editing the responses from honest clients, we appreciate your time. Our clients are the reason we are in business and frankly we don't need YELP to validate who we are or how awesome our clients are. Thank you for reading this blog and thank you for any participation you may choose to lend to this obvious problem. 

 Aloha Jerry

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Portrait Agreement Form

We have recently updated our website, and the old link to the Portrait Agreement form no longer works. 

To fill out the Portrait Agreement form, please go to our new link -

Sorry for any inconvenience!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Welcome Maelyn Rose!

We are excited to announce the newest member of the Hawaiianpix extended family! 

You may remember Hawaiianpix's former associate photographer, Wes, and his wife Tina from their "going away" blog post a few months ago....

Last Friday, after only 6 hours of labor (lucky lady!!), Wes and Tina welcomed Maelyn Rose to the world.

Little Maelyn weighed 7lbs 10oz and was 20.5 inches long.

She is getting lots of love from her dad!

Even their dog, Lucky, has fallen madly in love with Maelyn. He follows her around everywhere and is by her side when she sleeps!

Congrats Wes and Tina from the Hawaiianpix gang!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Goofy Dad Photo Facebook Contest

Voting is officially underway for our Goofy Dad Photo Facebook Contest! Head on over to our Facebook page to place your vote.

The winner will have the choice between a FREE one hour family photo session on Oahu OR a FREE $50 Amazon gift card for dad! 

For a vote to be valid, each person must "like" the Hawaiianpix Facebook page AND comment on the photo of their choice. Voting ends June 15th at midnight HST and the winner will be announced on Father's Day! 

Take a look at our entries - 

To vote for goofy dad Gerardo and son Addison click here!

To vote for goofy dad Randell and daughter Priscilla click here!

To vote for Goofy dad Mike and son Isaac click here!

Good luck!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Goofy Dad Facebook Photo Contest - Looking for Entries!

Do you have a photo of you and your goofy dad? Or just a photo of your dad doing something goofy? 

We are looking for entries for our Goofy Dad Facebook Photo contest!


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