Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Busy July!

July has been a crazy month for us here at Hawaiianpix Photography! 

Here is a run down on what has been going on with us in July. 

1. We are booked! Thanks to all our wonderful clients, we've been completely booked for the month of July. We don't have any appointments available until the middle of August, and we don't have any Saturday appointments available until November. What does this mean for you? Well if you are planning on scheduling an appointment for those holiday cards, we highly encourage you to do it ASAP. I know it may be hard to think about Christmas in July, but we want to make sure we can accommodate everyone as much as possible (especially since we take our annual holiday break from December 12th-January 13th).

2. Micole, our office manager, was on maternity leave the first part of July. She is back now! However, she is still trying to balance work and a being a new mom so we appreciate your patience in advance if it takes her a little bit longer than usual to call you back. She is squeezing work between a nap schedule, and we all know how unpredictable newborns can be. However, she is pretty lucky to look at this cute face everyday...

Ava only a few hours old

3. Our lab technician, Kai, will be on vacation from July 24th - August 7th. We will still be posting galleries online in a timely manner. However, it may take us a little bit longer than usual to answer emails directed towards If you need an immediate answer, feel free to email She will try her best to answer any questions about your photos and production to her best ability. 

As you can see, July is a hectic month for us at Hawaiianpix Photography. We want to say a big MAHALO to all our clients for their patience during this time. We have been extremely lucky to be busy with work and we couldn't be as successful as we are now with out you!

Here is a look at some photos from a few of the great sessions we've had this month!

Angela and Craig -

C Family -

Elena's Maternity Shoot -

O Family -

Sunday, July 8, 2012

She's Here..... She's here..... Welcome Ava

We Wanted to make a quick Blog post about of amazing Office Manager, Micole. She gave birth to lil' Ava on July 8th at about 11:30a. She is 19 in" and almost 8 LBS. WOW! In case you are wondering, yes she will be off for a few weeks to get use to her new role as a Mom and do a little recovery after a long labor.We welcome Ava as a part of our Hawaiianpix family and look forward to Micole's return in the next few weeks.

For our wonderful customers, this of course means that she won't be answering the phones, taking appointments, answering CS questions, updating the Blog, Facebook, contacting customers, sending out thank you cards, or updating specials, promotions, the website or emails. She is truly going to be missed especially by Jerry. He will be picking up where she has left off in all of these duties, during her absence. If you experience any delays, understand that Jerry is no where near as well trained or proficient at these tasks as Micole, but he will do his best to keep the ship upright during her time away.

Thank You to all of our wonderful customers, in advance for understanding during Micole's absence.We look forward to her ( and our new assistant Ava's ) return to work in early August. - aloha and congratulations Micole, you are loved and missed by all of us here. Take care of yourself and of your beautiful little girl, we will see you soon. - the Staff and Mgmt of Hawaiianpix


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