Friday, December 7, 2012

Clothing That Make the Photo

It has been over a year since we've blogged about clothing suggestions for portrait sessions. We think it is about time to do a little refresher. Especially since "What should we wear?" has to be the number one question we are asked.

We've selected a few photos from recent sessions that we think really hit the mark on clothing suggestions. If you need more inspiration you can always read our original post here.

So here we go!

Remember, the number one rule when deciding what to wear for a portrait session is that you want the focus to be on YOU not your clothes. We always tell people to avoid clothing with busy patterns and writing. 

We typically suggest solid colors for sessions. Lately, we've seen a lot of families and couples do a monochromatic look. This means that they all wear the same color but in different hues. We think this really creates some unification in the photo without everyone being so matchy-matchy. 

We also find that it looks great if one person wears a piece of clothing with some sort of pattern and then the other person wears solid color clothing in a color that pulls from the pattern. We see this clothing style done a lot of times with couples.

For families, it isn't uncommon to see them dressed in certain colors depending on their gender. This contrasting of colors can really work great if the colors are complimentary to each other.

Another clothing choice that works well in photographs is if everyone wears neutral colors and then one person wears something with a pop of color or pattern. We see this a lot with couples or families with small children. 

When in doubt, you can never go wrong with black and white. It brings a sense of formality to the otherwise very causal beach background. Plus, it always looks amazing in black and white!

Of course, these are all merely suggestions. We are confident that no matter what you wear your photos will turn out great.  Just remember, everybody wearing the same outfit/pattern isn't always the best. You wouldn't want your family photo to look like this -

Source - Awkward Family Photos

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hawaiianpix Website's Feature Photo

If you have ever spent time cruising our website ( then you probably have noticed our feature photo on the homepage. 

Every month we feature a photo (or photos) on our website's homepage that we feel deserves to be seen by the world. If one of your photos gets chosen to be featured on our website then you automatically receive a free 5x7 of that image!

This month we featured high school senior Meghan. We took her senior portraits last month at Ali'i Beach Park and we think they turned out amazing! 

Check out our feature each month by visiting

Who knows? You may be next?!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Mason Family - Waimanalo Bay

A few weeks ago we had the privilege of shooting the beautiful Mason Family at Waimanalo Bay State Recreation Area. Despite the rain we still managed to get a few wonderful shots of the family (plus their grandparents who were in town). Which just proves that a little rain isn't always a deal breaker for a session. 

We were able to work around the rain. Can you even tell it was rainy in this adorable family shot?

We love their color choice of sea foam green and khaki! It just proves that you don't have to be really matchy-matchy to get a great look. Different shades of the same color really works great! We think it worked very well against the ocean background. 

Are these not the cutest kids ever? The little boy had the bluest eyes that would melt anybody's heart. Definitely a future heart breaker!

You would never guess it but wife recently lost over 50 pounds! Getting professional photos of the family was a great way to show off her success.

...and this is how you know the session is over...

Thanks Mason Family for braving the rain! We really enjoyed taking your family photos and we hope you loved them as much as we do! 

To schedule an appointment call Andy at 808-397-0869


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