Monday, December 30, 2013

New Years Resolutions from Hawaiianpix

Happy New Years from all of us 
at Hawaiianpix Photography!!

As you hang up that new calendar for the coming year do you ask yourself, "Where did the last year go?"  Doesn't it seem like every year just zooms by faster than the last one? 
What can you do about it? 

Most of us make New Years Resolutions and hope to have an even better year than the one before. Let's face it though, how many of us set that resolution bar just a little too high and then give up on them by Valentine's Day. 
Yeah, us too............. 

What resolutions will you make for yourself this year? 
Or will you be like Andrea aka Andy's mom who just refuses to make resolutions at 81 years of age?
We all know those common, top resolutions: 
 Lose weight, Get in Shape, Get a better job, Make more money..... all noble goals but sometimes pretty hard to accomplish in 12 short months.

From a Hawaiianpix portrait session for a personal trainer.
Inspiring and intimidating at the same time right?

All of us at Hawaiianpix of course have some goals for the coming year. 
But really our number one resolution is to keep FOCUSED on what is most important. And as a photography company we understand focus better than most.

Jerry focusing and capturing the best angle and the best picture!

If your goal is the same as ours what better way to focus on what's important in life than to have your portraits taken with your loved ones? We have more fun in an hour at the beach than some people have all year PLUS you get amazing images to remember and gaze upon to reflect on what's really important in this hectic, crazy world!
The FOCUS is on YOU

So an easy resolution or goal would be to capture some memories and schedule a session with us! 

#1 Resolution = Call Andrea "Andy" at 808-387-0869 to schedule a session

Is it REALLY that EASY? YES it IS!

If you want to take great photos of your own, there are some easy resolutions you can make for yourself to reach that goal:

1- Get to know your camera. Read that manual. Take a class. Jerry offers at least two classes a year at UH Manoa outreach where you can learn your camera and lighting techniques. Watch for those class announcements.

2- Study your favorite photographers and their photos. What do you like about them? What images stick with you and are the most memorable?

3- Share your photos. Social media is great for this whether you are on facebook or want to start a blog or instagram account. When you share your photos you get feedback and your skills and critical eye will improve.

4- See the light and Feel the light. Learn to play with the light and use proper lighting techniques that make your photos become treasures.

5- Go OUT and find inspiration. If you live in Hawaii we are surrounded by so many beautiful places and spaces that will get your creative juices going. Getting moving = Getting inspired.

Remember that taking better photos doesn't necessarily mean always buying the newest, best gear ( Although all of us here love our camera equipment more than most).

It is the PHOTOGRAPHER that takes good photos - not the camera!!!

#2 Resolution - Learn or practice one photography related skill every day

So for 2014 whatever your goal, whatever your resolution, remember to FOCUS on what is most important each and every day. 

You may be blessed with another day BUT you never get another TODAY so make each one count!

Happy New Years!!!!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What do YOU want for Christmas?? Here's your chance!

What do YOU want for Christmas?

Are you dreaming of a
White Christmas?

Ok..ok, we can't bring you a White Christmas here in Hawaii....
but we do want to make your holidays just a little brighter!
How about a little GREEN this Christmas?

How about a $100 dollar AMAZON gift card all for YOU

All of us here at Hawaiianpix photography 
want to say thank you to YOU our clients! 
You are simply the best
Please enter today for your chance to win. 

The Odds ARE in your FAVOR!

Enter by completing any of the Three Options Below 

Complete ALL THREE And Be Entered 3 TIMES!

What Do I Have To Do?

Here are the 3 ways to enter our giveaway!

1) Like US on FB or Repost our ad on FB to be entered in an easy, free entry.

2) Place a REORDER WITH PROMO CODE: GIVEAWAYSave 25%, be entered

3) Purchase Our Discount Portrait Session Click the link, Save 74%, be entered

And to make you smile here are the fun Hawaiianpix crew dancing and singing just for you! 
Happy Holidays!

Now that you are smiling, enter today!!!

Hawaiianpix Holiday Give Away Begins Dec 15th and Ends On Dec 21st at midnight. Winner will be notified by email and delivery of prize will be submitted electronically. Contest is open to anyone, up to 3 submissions per person are allowed through the different options with one entry per option, per person allowed. No purchase is necessary. To participate without purchase, simply like Hawaiianpix Photgraphy on Facebook. If you an existing friend on Facebook simply repost our give away contest on your wall. Promotional period is Dec 15th to Dec 21st, 2013. Special codes for reorders end on Dec. 21st, 2013

Friday, December 6, 2013

Photo Gift Ideas


Yep, its officially the Holidays

How many people do you still need to shop for???     How many of those people are hard to buy for? 
All of us at Hawaiianpix want to share our secret to finding the perfect gift..............
One of the most personal and heartfelt gifts are those made from your very own photos. 

Our Top 5 BEST Photo Gift Ideas:

1) Canvas Wrapped Prints:

   We have sizes ranging from 8x10 all the way up to 24x36 for Canvas Wrapped    Prints available to purchase right from your gallery on our site!

Imagine your keiki's photo on a large canvas print hanging over your sofa. These precious smiles will light up any wall in your house!!!!

2) Large Framed Photos in specialty Frames

From 8x10s up to  24x36 prints: These can make quite a statement under glass in a one of a kind frame you add. 

A Family photo to be treasured forever!

3) iPhone Cases
Who on your shopping list would love this custom phone case?

4) iPad Folio Cover 

5) Mugs

Are you on Pinterest? There are lots of ideas for photo gifts on that site. Here is our board of our favorite photography gifts this year:

If you purchased digital photo files from us you are already familiar with Pixurelab. There are some great gifts you can purchase directly from them using your photos.

Want more ideas? All of these can be made from your photos:

Your precious little one on a locket
  • photo books
  • mouse pads
  • magnets
  • deck of cards
  • custom notepads
  • placemats
  • plates
  • calendars
  • ceramic photo tiles
  • ornaments
  • tote bags
  • shopping bags
  • puzzles
  • wall clock
  • jewelry
  • snow globes
  • blankets
  • wall decals
  • t shirts
Finally one more great and simple idea
How about buying aunty or uncle or grandma 
a photography package or
gift certificate
You can purchase them and then gift them right from our website !!! 
Then you can all capture more precious photos and memories that will last forever.

We hope we got you thinking and maybe made your Holiday shopping just a little bit easier this year. 
from all of us at Hawaiianpix photography!

Keep "ho ho ho" and "Merry" in your Christmas this year!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Holiday Shpping Guidelines

Holiday Shipping Guidelines

It may be hard to believe, but the holiday season is quickly approaching. Really quickly!
If you are planning on using your photographs for holiday cards or holiday gifts, it is important to remember shipping time. Here are a few things to remember -
·                     When scheduling your appointment, remember that it takes two weeks for us to edit your images and post your gallery online. 

·                     If you are ordering prints, production time is about 5-7 business days (maybe longer if we are experiencing a high volume of orders). Once your images have been printed, we will ship them to you via the shipping method you have selected. 

·                     For digital images, it takes us 3-5 business days to upload them onto a password protected website. Once they have uploaded you will receive an email from our lab technician with instructions on how to access them. Once you have received this email they are available to you immediately for download on to your computer. Or you can order prints through our Pixurelab website at a discounted price. If you are a last minute holiday shopper, digital images would be the way to go.  

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Trash the Dress Session

Iuliana and Valentin's Trash the Dress Session

       We are blessed with so many wonderful clients and amazing opportunities here at Hawaiianpix Photography. Recently, we had the honor of photographing Iuliana and Valentin the day after their dream wedding in Hawaii. These newlyweds contacted us quite a few months ago from their home in Romania, to arrange a trash the dress session. We felt very honored to be selected and trusted to capture these most special memories for them. 

Iuliana, the Beautiful Bride
You can see how in love Iuliana and Valentin are in every single photo. The combination of their commitment and passion for each other, the beautiful weather and a perfect beach location resulted in some of the most spectacular trash the dress photos we have had the opportunity to partake in. 
Like Us On Facebook To See A

Iuliana and Valentin

Our trash the dress sessions are designed to "tease" the actual trashing of the dress until near the end of our time together. While we have done sessions with the bride alone, we believe that the most successful sessions we have done, include both partners. When they both participate, and are properly dressed for the session it flows. Couples experience a rush of emotion and literally are drawn into the fun of being married. They are sharing something very special and personal with the person they just committed their life to. 

This mock recreation of their wedding day brings back all the excitement of the wedding day with one BIG difference. FREEDOM! When you allow the bride and groom the permission to trash the dress you release the tension, planning, and stress that have been present in the lead up to and day of their wedding. This release results in an explosion of laughter, fun, and romance that is simply electric. 

Congratulations to a beautiful and wonderful couple from all of us here at Hawaiianpix Photography!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Photographic Lighting Workshop At PMN

Lighting Workshop 
At UH Manoa Through The Pacific New Media

Saturday November 9th, 2013
8:00am to 4:00pm

Space Is Limited

This is a "Hands On Class" You will learn lighting, posing and more.

Your instructor - Jerry Omo

Don't miss this class!!
Led by our Hawaiianpix fearless leader, company owner Jerry Omo Jr. you will benefit from his years (and years..and years) of experience behind the camera. Jerry will cover a variety of topics on lighting through live demonstrations and a model session. This will give you a chance to put his experience to work for you.

" Photography is about more than seeing the image, it is about the vision that took place before the shutter was released"
                                         - Jerry Omo Jr

Lens choice, Aperture and Why
What is covered?
This course will cover, lighting types and techniques including, available, bounce, scrim, flash, artificial and more. If you want to know more about lighting, how it works and how understanding it is the most important tool in your photographic tool box. Register for this class. 

Class is Saturday Nov 9, 2013 8 am to 4pm Seating is limited so register today. 

Course Information

looking for the light, metering & exposure
Diffuse, Soft Wrap Around

Direct Lighting in Full Sun

Take your photography to the next level
Be a part of our " Lighting Techniques" Class 

We look forward to seeing you there.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Your images are back online!

Have you checked your Hawaiianpix Gallery Online?

Surprise! Your images are back JUST IN TIME for the Holidays! 


Forgot your email access code?

email us and we will send it right to you!!! Click here:

Are you feeling Blue about the current state of affairs ? Hawaiianpix has a solution that is easy and affordable for you for your holiday print needs:

Do you just need portraits? 

Do you just need re-prints? 

Would you like a complete Holiday Solution?

Our website has a current specials page - check them out here:

Current Specials

Do you have one of those "hard to buy for" people on your Holiday list? How about photos of you, or a photo of the family on a custom iphone cover, ipad cover or a canvas print for the wall? This may be your easiest shopping year yet!

If you need a Saturday morning to shoot your family photos you will want to call Andrea "Andy" right away at 808-387-0869. Saturday mornings in October are completely booked already and November times are going fast so call today!

Holiday Portrait Season is Sept. 15th through November 25th, 2013


Did you know that .........................
If you purchase directly from Paypal you have the option of zero payment + 0% interest for 6 months
NOW you know!!!!

Mahalo from all of us here at Hawaiianpix !

Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Hawaiianpix Ohana - Justin

The Hawaiianpix Ohana


       Many of you have had the pleasure of working with our photographer, Justin over the past year and a half. Justin is amazingly talented but very humble so you would never guess how accomplished he has become at photography over the years. Here is a picture of Justin pointing at one of our famous meeting spots at Ala Moana Beach Park
Yep! That's Lifeguard Station 1E

and here he is showing off another secret location we love to shoot at on the west side of the island ( no hints now anyone-- we have to have some places to ourselves)

This is how you will usually see Justin when he comes to meet you for your photos; camera in hand, Hawaiianpix polo shirt and sunglasses (ready to take off) to start taking your portraits.

Here is how he looks when the rest of the Hawaiianpix Ohana gets him laughing!

And here is Justin posing very dramatically by his dirt bike!

OK folks get ready to see some of the amazing shots that Justin captures. Like I mentioned Justin doesn't self promote, I, ( Andrea aka Andy) Office Manager and proud member of the Hawaiianpix Ohana, well I am going to brag about him right now--- Doesn't he do an absolutely incredible job????????????????????

Here Justin captured the B couple in a Judo pose!

Then Justin has them really go for the holds!

Quick change of clothes and the B couple move from Judo moves to strolling on the beach at sunset


Here are Kierra and Ruben captured in a special moment by Justin 
And the same couple at the same park. An incredibly beautiful shot by Justin

Switch again and look how Justin found the perfect background for Kierra at the same park for her graduation pictures!

And by now you may have seen the amazing maternity photos that Justin captured this spring of the B couple. These photos don't require any captions at all...........................

Look how Justin brought out the smile and his fun side
This little guy couldn't stop grinning at Justin!

This family shot is a treasure
Justin captures the beauty of these two plus the incredible surroundings
Same couple and another timeless picture

Way to go Justin!
We are so proud of your work Justin!! 
You are an incredible photographer and we are so lucky you are part of the Hawaiianpix Ohana!


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