Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Urban Setting - The W Family

Our most requested locations for our photo shoots are the beautiful beaches of Hawaii. So when we got a request from the W Family for an "urban" setting we were excited to get the sand out of our shoes and hit the street. This isn't our first venture in the Honolulu urban landscape but it was unique to shoot a family rather than a model, headshot or High School Senior.

These photos were taken near Kaka'aka and Halekauwila in downtown Honolulu. We met the family about 100 feet from where this shot was taken. As Jerry, Justin and the family were walking Jerry turned around to talk to the family and noticed the smoke rising in the background. 

Honolulu-Urban Photos-Family Portraits-Hawaii

"All I can remember is how the scene looked like New York City in the cold. The early morning sun was shining on the power plants' steam vents with a soft warm pinkish hue. I knew I had to place them into the scene. There is a ton of words on signs everywhere you look in an urban setting. Oddly enough, I have taught students for years to avoid text, unless it has a purpose. I believe in each of these two shots, there is a great compositional purpose. The text and even the arrows offer direction in both of these shots keeping the viewer moving through the images rather than leaving them."

Honolulu-Urban Photos-Family Portraits-Hawaii

"I particularly like the "E-Factory signage" it has been cropped from it's original framing to provide us with the downward motion of the actual viewable text. I had this in mind for this image when it was done. I loved the way the "E" pointed us downward and the Red Square, a direct color contrast to the cool colors of the shaded shot, helped tie it all together to complete the circle of composition.

A little yesteryear treatment to offset the colors for this one to give it a more "solid urban" feel

Honolulu-Urban Photos-Family Portraits-Hawaii

This session was a nice departure from the "standard " scenes people see in Hawaii and provides a unique set of images for the W. Family. Mahalo's guys we had a lot of fun working with you all.

Urban Setting-Couple Photo-Honolulu-Hawaii

The Perfect Gift for Valentine's Day!

Can't think of the perfect Valentine's Day present? 

How about a romantic couple's portrait session complete with sparkling apple cider and Hawaiian leis. 

For a limited time only, Hawaiianpix is offering a couple's portrait session for
 February 14th, 15th, and 16th. 

The entire romance package is only $85! 

See below for details and contact before January 31st to purchase. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lanikuhonua Beach at Ko'Olina

Lanikuhonua Beach

Oahu - Koolina - Disney Resort - Aulani - Family - Portrait

One of our newest locations that we've been shooting at is Lanikuhonua Beach "where heaven meets Earth" at Ko'Olina on the West Side of Oahu.

Since we are not allowed to shoot at the Ko'olina lagoons (read why here), many of our guest staying at the hotels on Ko'olina schedule their appointment for Lanikuhonua Beach. 

This beautiful beach is located west of the first lagoon; between the Four Seasons Hotel and the Paradise Cove Luau Parking area. We meet all our clients at the public parking spaces that fronts Lanikuhonua beach.

Here is a photo to help out all our clients locate the parking area before the Four Season parking lot. 

Like I mentioned, this location is wonderful for any of our clients staying at any of the Ko'Olina resorts. It is also a very convenient location for our clients that live on the West side of the island. 

Although smaller than some of our other locations, this beautiful beach is well maintained and clean. Depending on the time of the day there is always plenty of sun or shade. Areas of this beach offer a beautiful rocky background. Not to mention there is plenty of lush Hawaiian greenery to compliment your photos! Public parking and public restrooms are located near lagoon 1. 

Check out a few photos we've taken recently at this location! 

The colors are amazing in the morning

Sunset can also be dramatic!

Engagement - Family Portrait - Lanikuhonua Beach  - Koolina

Koolina - Sunset - Oahu - Water - Beach Photos - Engagement

A few important things about this location - 

1. Parking in the afternoon and night can be very tricky due to the limited amount of public parking at Ko'Olina. For any PM appointments scheduled, we do require a $20 parking fee (paid via Paypal) so our photographers can park in the hotel ramps. 

2. On weekends this location tends to be very busy. We suggest another location if you are wanting to schedule an appointment for Friday night or on a Saturday.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment at Lanikuhonua Beach at Ko'Olina, contact Andy at 808-387-0869 or

Saturday, January 12, 2013

High Senior Portrait Special!

 Winter break is officially over, which means one thing - 
only a few more months until high school graduation! 

Do you have a senior in high school right now? Boy time flies! I bet it seems like just yesterday you were tucking them in at night and reading them a bed time story. Now they are busy testing curfew and reading their text messages. 

Between helping them with their homework and running them to their sporting events, you can't forget one crucial part of their senior year - 
High School Senior Portraits. 

Lucky for you Hawaiianpix Photography is offering a High School Senior Portrait Special. You'll want to get on this before that year book deadline approaches!


Take a look at some of our most recent high school seniors and read about how they felt about their  portrait session. 

Chris at Ala Moana Beach Park  - 

For his session, Chris wore button up shirts and a jacket. It was important to Chris that his photos were "Urban" because he is more of a city boy; enjoying outdoor activities in the city such as: sight seeing, going to the theater and museums, hanging out in the park, and looking at "art deco" architecture and artwork (which just so happens to be prevalent in Honolulu). Chris is an avid reader (he always has a book with him), and wanted this passion to be reflected in a few photographs, so he brought a few books with him on his Kindle. 

Even though Chris did not want beach photos, he still wanted the background to reflect Hawaii. The Banyan trees at Ala Moana Beach Park worked out perfect. According to Chris' mother -

"Chris normally doesn't like to have his photo taken so the introspective shots were great (all his different moods are evident) and the rare smiles Jerry caught were testament to how comfortable he makes his subjects feel"

Chris is also an Anglophile (interested in all things from England). The Dr. Who T-shirt and the Abby Road photo throw back combined all the English things he loved.

Chris intends on studying Forensic Science in college, continuing to builid his library and play video games... and moving back to England as soon as he can!

Gianna "Gigi" at Waimanalo Bay State Recreation Area -

Gigi met us along with her family at Waimanalo Bay State Recreation Area on a very VERY wintery (aka windy) day here in Hawaii. Along with her family, Gigi was here on vacation from Florida and wanted to do some "Hawaii Senior Portraits" We were happy to help out.

Gigi is quite the smarty pants! She is currently dual enrolled in High School and the College of Central Florida. She is in the Honors Society and has been in student government for 3 years. After High School, Gigi plans on finishing up her AA degree at Honolulu Community College.
We think any school in Hawaii is a really smart choice!!  

Her wonderful family joined Gigi for several family oriented shots, which we do offer at as an option on all our Senior Portraits. Adding your family is easy.

Jack at Ala Moana Beach Park - 

Jack and his family were visiting Oahu from Montana when they decided to take advantage of Hawaiianpix's Groupon to get Jack's senior portraits taken. Jack really wanted some of his photos to reflect his time in Hawaii. In the fall, Jack will be attending Montana State University. 

Meghan at Ali'i Beach Park

Meghan was our "featured online client" for December. She was also an intern here at Hawaiianpix two years ago. She is very interested in visual arts and, as you can see, has a flare in front of the camera as well. She is a bit of a chameleon with her look and we know that she will do well in her chosen field simply because of her passion.

On the day of our session the 1st jewel of the triple crown of surfing was getting ready at Alii Beach. In the midst of Meghan's session, they were building a grandstand and positioning cameras for the event. You would never know it. She was as cool as they come, even completely ignoring the "glances" of a few male onlookers. You rocked it Meghan! Thanks for a great session!

For more information on senior portraits, click here to check out other senior portraits on our blog post from last year. 

To book your appointment call or email us at 808-387-0869 /


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