Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Hawaiianpix Ohana introducing: Sheryl aka "Chips"

The Hawaiianpix Ohana 


Sheryl aka "Chips"

   We are so happy to have Sheryl here as part of our awesome team working here at Hawaiianpix!! 

Sheryl works to upload and edit the amazing pictures of you and your loved ones that our talented photographers capture at each and every session.

 Chips is incredible working away on her graphics tablet. She can easily explain to you the difference between "Technical Retouching" vs "Creative Retouching" and is a professional in every sense of the word.

     So how about that nickname "Chips"??? 

Well, Sheryl is a connoisseur of chips. 
You know the definition of connoisseur right?
 a connoisseur is a person who has a great deal of knowledge about the fine artscuisines, or an expert judge in matters of taste

Yep, she is our official Chip Connoisseur. Here is a picture of her desk on her birthday. See???

Sheryl grew up on Maui but has lived here on Oahu for 5 years. Her favorite beach is Lanikai on the eastern or windward side of Oahu. 

Please welcome Sheryl to our Hawaiianpix Ohana! 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

We love our Repeat Customers!

We Love our Repeat Customers!

One of the joys of our job is getting to know all of you! And one of the super bonuses is to work with some of you every year again and again AND again. 

Yep, we've watched some of your kids grow up from babies, to toddlers, to teens.

 We have even seen some dads through their mustache phase, on to the goatee, and then scale down to the soul patch. New brides go on to shoot Trash the Dress sessions, come back for anniversary shots and then a few short years later for Maternity sessions.

 It is very moving to be part of those milestones. We are so proud that you keep returning to us year after year.

About 3 years later!

We have watched this little girl grow up over the years. Here she is at one of her first sessions blowing bubbles with mom at the beach. 

Look at these photos from three years in a row...........

This sweetie is sure growing up right before our eyes!!

   Its not just our fellow islanders that return. We are fortunate to have many repeat clients from the mainland that reserve times with us months in advance as they make their vacation plans each year. We have even shot a progression from senior photos, to college grad photos and later engagement photos for the same person. We are hoping we are lucky to be there for her wedding photos too- Hint, Hint, Kierra, Hint Hint. 

Kierra in her graduation cap and gown
Kierra and her brother Kevin in their caps and gowns

Kierra and her fiancee Ruben

Kierra and Ruben's engagement photos

So are the kids two inches taller since the Easter photos? Did you just have to make a run to the store for new, bigger shoes... longer jeans.. for the son (s) or daughter (s) that are shooting up faster than weeds in the yard?

 Call us back up! You can reach Andrea "Andy" at 808-387-0869. We are honored to be part of your Ohana's memories year after year--after year!

Mahalo to you all!!!


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

NEW Groupon Released Today!!!!

Its here !!! TODAY! Wednesday July 3rd, 2013

Hawaiianpix Groupon release!!!


YAY!!! The Groupon is here, the Groupon is here!!!!!

We had so much success with our previous Groupon that we released another Hawaiianpix Groupon! 

Run fast to your computer, because you are NOT going to want to miss out on this deal!

Ok so here is the direct link to this amazing deal- just click below:

These Groupons can be used by you! OR you can purchase an additional Groupon for your company, school or church, us them as a fundraiser.... give them as a gift to that special high school senior, that couple that just announced their engagement or use them for a trash the dress session after your wedding--- the possibilities are endless!!! 

Whatever the reason, get your
Hawaiianpix Groupon!


The Hawaiianpix Groupon will only be available in a limited quantity  so be sure to purchase yours now!

Now is the time for those ...  

* Couples Portraits 
Engagement Portraits
* BFFP (best friends forever portraits)
 Family Portraits 
*High School Senior Photos
*Save the Date Wedding Announcement Cards
*Christmas Card Photos

Don't Miss This One !

Are you currently a Hawaiianpix Groupon holder!? Schedule your appointment today! Our schedule is filling up fast for the summer and fall and we highly encourage you to schedule your appointment as soon as possible! To schedule an appointment, contact Andy at 808-387-0869 or email her at


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