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Who Actually Works At Hawaiianpix?

Who Actually Works At Hawaiianpix?

well that is a great question....

I have to say that we sometimes ask ourselves the same exact question. I guess because this is a business I started as a result of a passion/hobby I had as a kid ( 14yrs old ) I have never really thought of this as a "JOB". 

I had a boss many years ago "Max" who leaned close to my ear one day and said, "you wanna know the secret to being happy in life?" I was 16 and frankly, I though he might be pullin on my leg just to get a laugh. Max did that sometimes. I decided to play along, I said "sure". The answer he gave me was more prophetic than I ever thought it would be. More about that in a minute. 

So recently, I was looking at our website and thought, "dude these photos on the about us page are lacking something." The something was pretty obvious. 

There were only 3 of 4 people pictured on the page. These are 2 of those photos.One of Andrea "Andy", yes it is spelled right, and one of me. All the pictures were adequate in content like what you see. In so much as they showed people what we looked like. It's what they didn't show that struck me. We are a bunch of fun people. Don't get me wrong, we are serious about what we do but we do it in a fun and positive way. That needed to show. We also needed to add photos of everyone that I am blessed everyday to work with. This way the entire team could be presented to the world for who they are.  

So we set out on a mission. We wanted to update our staff photos to something a little more fun and contemporary. We wanted staff photos that showed people something about who the heck Hawaiianpix Photography is on the inside. 

That's when I started thinking about our business, the reason I do what I do in the first place. I went right back to that lesson I learned all those years ago from Max. That day he leaned in and told me "son the secret to a happy life is..... find something you love to do, figure out how to make a little money doing it and you'll be happy the rest of your life".  I asked him if doing this would make me rich, and he said "YES" but "rich is not always about the money". Dude he blew my 16 year old mind. I couldn't quite wrap my head around it all then, today it makes perfect sense.

So last week Friday, we took the morning to go and do our staff photos. Each of us needed to do a " standard office type shot."  Then I threw in a twist. I asked each person to pick a hobby or interest and told them we would do a photo of that too. In short I "Max"ed em'. 

These were just posted to our Facebook page and they have had an enormous response by our faithful following. So much so that I knew I had to tell the back story. 

"Paint Ninja"
So allow me to introduce you to the Crew. "Andy" is our office manager and Customer service Ninja. When you call Hawaiianpix Photography, you will likely be speaking to her. If you get me instead honestly, it is a downgrade. I can't do what she does and don't pretend to be able to. She is the voice of Hawaiianpix Photography with our customers and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

"Andy" is also an awesome painter. She does landscapes and most recently, has been commissioned to immortalize a few peoples' 4 legged best friends on canvas. You can find her work hanging in a gallery near Crouching Lion on Oahu.

Justin is one of our Photographers. He began shooting a few years ago and while he is a "Canon Guy" I don't hold it against him. He is an excellent photographer. Technically and artistically. When you are assigned to this guy you will find him easy going, very local style, laid back and proficient at what he does. He loves to have clients who bring props, have special ideas and are wanting to have a blast at their session. While he doesn't ride for fun as much as he used to as a kid, Justin still enjoys dirt biking, pines for the glory days of "flying jumps" and still rides sometimes.

The newest member of team Hawaiianpix, is Sheryl. She is our editor extraordinaire. A graphic designer by trade. Sheryl understands design, composition, lighting, color and has the technical know how to back it all up in Photoshop. A Maui Girl and loads of fun the very first time we met her we knew she would fit right in. We were right.

Sheryl - Editor
Before she came to work with Hawaiianpix, Sheryl had never worked with the one program we use every single day for multiple tasks, Lightroom. I literally spent like 4 hours one day going over the basics with her and then I was gone for 3 weeks in the field. She never skipped a beat. This geeky little chip loving graphic designer, RAN with the position and hasn't looked back. I have been truly impressed. She has earned the nickname " Chips " among her friends because of her absolute obsession with chips of any kind. The day of our session, she had a chip lei, provided by Andy and a variety of chips, from regular potato, some from Japan and a few I had never heard of. All of which were awesome by the way. Yum!

Then of course there is me.
The guy who started all this, after listening to a boss when I was 16. While I didn't totally understand it then, I took his advice and it has made all the difference.  

Today a few months shy of 50, I understand what Max was saying. Life is too short to be stuck in a boring, dead end, nowhere career, alienating people you love with the pursuit of more money. Why lead a life in black and white, ignoring the blessings you have. The world is full of color and wonderful people. Embrace what is good in your life and you will be happy. His guidance in my journey, has lead me to where we are today. I have been blessed beyond what I ever could have imagined.

I love to Golf, spending time with my family, live in a modest home, run a business with some truly amazing people, have a loving understanding wife and 3 great kids. I have been blessed by God to have all of these things plus, live in one of the most beautiful places on planet earth. I am living exactly the life Max said to live. For all of these reasons and many many more, I am "rich".

Mahalo to my wonderful staff, my customers and my family for allowing me to be here in this place doing what I love. :)

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Micole said...

Love this blog post!! Everyone's photos turned out so great! Miss you guys!


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