Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Hawaiianpix Ohana - Justin

The Hawaiianpix Ohana


       Many of you have had the pleasure of working with our photographer, Justin over the past year and a half. Justin is amazingly talented but very humble so you would never guess how accomplished he has become at photography over the years. Here is a picture of Justin pointing at one of our famous meeting spots at Ala Moana Beach Park
Yep! That's Lifeguard Station 1E

and here he is showing off another secret location we love to shoot at on the west side of the island ( no hints now anyone-- we have to have some places to ourselves)

This is how you will usually see Justin when he comes to meet you for your photos; camera in hand, Hawaiianpix polo shirt and sunglasses (ready to take off) to start taking your portraits.

Here is how he looks when the rest of the Hawaiianpix Ohana gets him laughing!

And here is Justin posing very dramatically by his dirt bike!

OK folks get ready to see some of the amazing shots that Justin captures. Like I mentioned Justin doesn't self promote, I, ( Andrea aka Andy) Office Manager and proud member of the Hawaiianpix Ohana, well I am going to brag about him right now--- Doesn't he do an absolutely incredible job????????????????????

Here Justin captured the B couple in a Judo pose!

Then Justin has them really go for the holds!

Quick change of clothes and the B couple move from Judo moves to strolling on the beach at sunset


Here are Kierra and Ruben captured in a special moment by Justin 
And the same couple at the same park. An incredibly beautiful shot by Justin

Switch again and look how Justin found the perfect background for Kierra at the same park for her graduation pictures!

And by now you may have seen the amazing maternity photos that Justin captured this spring of the B couple. These photos don't require any captions at all...........................

Look how Justin brought out the smile and his fun side
This little guy couldn't stop grinning at Justin!

This family shot is a treasure
Justin captures the beauty of these two plus the incredible surroundings
Same couple and another timeless picture

Way to go Justin!
We are so proud of your work Justin!! 
You are an incredible photographer and we are so lucky you are part of the Hawaiianpix Ohana!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Wearing Clothes that are YOU!!

Wearing Clothes that are YOU!!!

One important question our customers almost always ask is, "What should we wear to our session?"  or  "What do you recommend for clothing?" 

This is another reason we love our customers here at Hawaiianpix
You are planning ahead and want to take amazing pictures. That is our goal too! So we have written a few blog posts before about:

 "What to Wear"

  "Clothing that Make the Photo"

"Beautiful Blues"

And still you ask for more ideas!!! We get it! You want your photos catch everyone's eyes. You want to wow them.

 Honestly, we have seen some amazing color combinations over the years and then we have seen some , well, to put it nicely, umm.... not exactly well planned out combinations. You know, where everyone matches so closely they become one big blur of matchy matchy color? 

So our suggestion is simple. If you like color and you find that you usually wear a particular color its probably because you like how you look when you wear it. Maybe you have received compliments and been told, " that color is amazing on you!" By all means consider wearing that color then!!! 

And maybe if you will be taking photos with the whole family you can all wear variations of that same color tone. But don't forget to consider the simple choices too- like these combos:

Combinations of white and khaki:

The beautiful smiles, the background and the ladies' flowers shine with these simple clothing choices

The sweetness of this shot is simply understated without too colorful clothes to detract and distract!

This is coordinated! What a great looking Ohana!

The leis are a nice touch here
See-all eyes on the subjects and not on the clothes!

Yay! We caught the perfect Hawaiian sunset jump shot!
Look at these little men!

Or How about wearing all White................

Look at that big laughing smile!
White dress and white flower! Precious!

Mom and daughters really did a great job coordinating the overall clothing look!

This little man has such a winning pose here

Notice how their clothing choice completes this beach scene

Mom did good
Honey this is fun!

Or all Black Clothing...

Dramatic group look

Jana and her sons dazzle in this picture!
Jerry living the good life and working hard setting up a fun shot with black clothing standing out next to the colorful Hawaiian beach setting!

The Smiths rocked the dramatic black look

and even
combinations of black and white

Wow Jana you had the clothes planned out so well

This family added a few twists on black and white and look how awesome their picture turned out!

You've got this! Trust your instincts. Which of these photos just caught your eye? That is probably what you "pictured" in your head as what you would like your pictures to look like right? So go for it!!! And we will see you at your portraits looking "picture perfect" and ready to dazzle everyone with your smile.

Mahalo!!! We love working with you!!!!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Holiday Photos- Yes you need to schedule soon!

Holiday Photos, Already?
Wait...What???? I need to think about THAT???

Where Did Summer Go? It Isn't Even Fall Yet...

Honestly by Fall it might be too late. Just like the retail stores, our Holidays begin in late August. Planning has already been done and bookings have already been made. 
Will the pictures make it to the mainland in time?
As of this Blog Post, All of our September Saturdays have been filled
and we are already booking October

You will wanna get your's before it's GONE.

Hey, all of us here at Hawaiianpix have been there. It seems too soon, its too easy to put it off and its too busy right now to get everyone organized right?  Well, Andrea aka "Andy", our office manager, says she always procrastinates too and kicks herself for it every year when she is scrambling trying to send out photo cards right in the midst of all the holiday craziness.

 So, how about you give her a call SOON? 808-387-0869. 
You got this 808-387-0869...almost sounds like a song.

You can still get a session Booked, and then have plenty of time for deciding which one will be THE picture that goes out to everyone, you know, we know, its a BIG decision.

 And won't it be nice to have it done and one less thing to keep you busy during the "most busiest .....wonderful time of the year"? Below is a guideline for the holiday's and how you can get this on the books. 

Yep we made the deadline


 If you are planning on using your photographs for holiday cards or holiday gifts, it is important to remember that the photos will not only need to be scheduled but edited, posted online, ordered and then there's the delivery and shipping time.

Nana will love these holiday pictures
  • When scheduling your appointment, remember that it takes at least two weeks for us to edit your images and post your gallery of proofs online. The proofs are the pictures from your session for you to view and select the images you wish to either order as prints or digital image files or both! Then you can decide which images you want to get printed or order as digital files.

  • If you are ordering prints, production time is about 5-7 business days ( This maybe longer as we get closer to the holidays due to volume). Once your images have been printed, we will ship them to you via the shipping method you have selected, which also increases as we get closer to the holidays.  
Hurry Grandma Wants Our Pictures
Yay, we got our booking in time!
  • For digital images, it takes us 5-7 business days to upload them onto a password protected website. Once they have uploaded you will receive an email from our lab technician with instructions on how to access them. Once you have received this email they are available to you immediately for download on to your computer. You can order prints through our Pixurelab website at a discounted price. If you are a last minute holiday shopper, digital images would be the way to go BUT the fufilling time may increase during peak ordering seasons! 
 Our Peak Ordering  and Production Times Are 

Between May 1st  to July 31st and Oct 1 to Dec 12th each year 
During these times, print and digital file orders will be delayed as a result of volume.
Be sure you are able to sleep soundly this Holiday Season. Get Started Today.



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