Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Not just another day at the Beach - a Surprise Engagement!

Not just another day at the Beach - A Surprise Engagement

Our New Year started out with a bang here at Hawaiianpix. Literally, not even figuratively. If you live in Hawaii or have ever been lucky enough to be on island on New Years Eve, well then you know exactly what we are talking about.
New Years traditions are strong and deeply embedded in the culture and literally the entire evening is filled with the bang of fireworks that continue well beyond midnight. 

We thought things might quiet down after New Years came in with a bang, but... nah, it didn't really. On Jan 3rd we had a session with Simon and his girlfriend Lisa, scheduled to occur on the North Shore. But it was not just another day at the beach and the results surprised us all with a bang once again.

at this point Lisa had no idea what Simon had in mind

Simon is a good planner and scheduled a session back in November but kept one key secret from everyone including Andrea aka "Andy" who helped schedule their session and Jerry who only found out in the parking lot right before the start of the portrait session. Simon was going to surprise Lisa during the session and ask her to marry him!

Now for the pictures to tell the story

and Simon gets down on one knee

Lisa turns around.....



Look at Lisa's smile and beautiful ring

We ARE getting MARRIED!!!


Here is a nice testimonial from Simon on our facebook page: 

"Thank you Jerry for capturing those beautiful photos of the proposal. The photos turned out amazing! Thanks Andy for coordinating and being very friendly to work with!"

Congratulations Simon and Lisa, from all of us here at Hawaiianpix!!!!  We love SURPRISES too 


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