Friday, April 25, 2014

MOMs ! We love our Moms

You may have noticed quite a few recent posts on maternity sessions. All of us at Hawaiianpix love working with these soon to be moms. And of course we love working with them after baby has arrived for those special mom and baby photos too!

With Mother's Day fast approaching - yep guys... check your calendars....
Mother's Day is May 11th, 2014 
and that's a long ways away...right? ... nope! That is less than two weeks!!!!

Hawaiianpix salutes all the moms out there! 
our own moms, our grandmas, our siblings that are moms and you, yes you! you that are reading this right now. We hope there is a special mom in your life that you are thinking of right now. Give her the gift of memories and photos that will help her remember these precious times. You could get her a portrait session with her kids or get some prints made of your recent session to hang on the wall and make her smile every single time she looks at them!

If you make a reservation in the next two weeks for a portrait session and tell Andy 
"THIS is for a very special MOM"
you will receive a free video of the images from your session
to share on your iphone or android. 

MOM's smile will be so BIG!!!!

Don't miss out on this deal! 
Call Andrea "Andy" Tuesdays - Saturdays from 9 am to 1pm HST and she will help you set your reservation!

Happy Mother's Day from

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Living Social Deal

Aloha all you DEAL Shoppers!

We are so excited to be working with Living Social again. If you are reading this, you will be pretty happy about too!!!

Look at this picture of the special! See the "want this deal for free?" words on the middle right? That's right, when you share you purchased you can get yours for free if 3 of your friends buy!

Click the link here to go get your deal today!

HERE are THE Details on how this amazing Deal WORKs:

  • You buy the deal advertised through Living Social
  • After you buy the deal and you get your voucher code, you call Andrea "Andy" at 808-387-0869 Tues- Saturday from 9am to 1pm HST ( Hawaiian Standard Time).
  •  Important- have your Voucher Number from Living Social ready when you call – Make sure the voucher number is 12 digits long and follows the format 1000XXXXXXXX). Have some possible dates ready for reserving your session. We shoot at several different beach locations around Oahu. Go to our session information page here   locations    if you are unsure of what location you are interested in. Once we are committed to a location for a day we stay there for the rest of that day to maximize everyone's time with the photographer.  Dates and locations are subject to availability.
  • We hold a date for you contingent of you signing your portrait agreement.  Once we have received your completed agreement, your reservation is finalized.
  • Next comes your Portrait Session! We know you will find it fun and a memorable experience as so many of our customers have over the years. This deal includes one wardrobe change.
  • You will receive a card from your photographer at the end of your session. On the back of your card will be the date that your proofs go online for viewing. Your proofs of the session will go online in a password protected site for you to view. You will receive an email from the labtech when your proof gallery is ready and online. The proofs are social media sized which means you can share them on Facebook and your phone ( but they are not meant for enlargements). You will choose a single image ( if you buy a couples or individual package)  or 2 images ( if you purchase a family package) from the proofs that will be made into the prints that come with your particular package. Of course you can always purchase some other items, extra prints or the digital images beyond your pre-purchased package!
  • Once the final images are selected we do final editing and color corrections to the images for printing and you should receive your prints in the mail 5-7 days after your order.
  • If you have more than 5 people in your group, it is an additional $20 per person to add on other people to your session. The extra person sitting fees are due prior to your photo shoot.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  Shipping is not included in the Living Social Deal.  
Thank you for your interest in Hawaiiapix and Living Social!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

What to wear for Maternity Sessions

What to Wear for Maternity Sessions

It has been a busy spring this year with many, many maternity sessions. We always enjoy these special times capturing the moments of expectation and love.

We are often asked what to wear for maternity sessions. 
Our suggestion is always 
simple colors, little to no patterns, and flowing, light materials

This beautiful mom-to-be was helped out by her family who actually made her outfit specifically for these photos.

The simplicity of her outfit allows the eye to focus on the amazing creation she holds.


Look how the material flows like the waves around her

The wind dramatically catches the fabric and leads the eye right into the focal point of the photo.

The excited and expectant new parents

This mom-to-be's dress was also ideal for revealing and surrounding the miracle she holds 

You may decide to go in the water or you may not for your session. Consider how the outfit will look if you choose to embrace the waves

Even the dad's outfit can help make the photo amazing. Look at this sunrise shot!

 This couple also coordinated beautifully for their photos

Sunrise, sunset or even mid-day ...the focus is clearly on the expected arrival~

This mom found a simple top and a swimsuit bottom for the perfect outfit for her session

We hope this helps you when deciding what to wear for your maternity session!

Congratulations to all of these couples 
from all of us at 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How Do I Save My Selfie?

How Do I Save My Selfie

News From Grandma's Attic

There is a problem brewing in the world of photography. That problem is an entire generation or two, who don't believe that printing their images is important.
Really?  Well pay attention for just a little longer. We are going to come at this problem from a different direction to hopefully drive our point home.
Have you ever been in Grandma's Attic, basement or storage? If you have, chances are you found a box or two with old photos in them. Maybe even a few albums and some framed pictures. They might even have names, dates and places written on the back of them.

It is our guess that you have never found a thumb or external drive with all of her old photos on it. Now to be fair, most of this technology is relatively new. What isn't new is micro fiche, tin types, 8mm movies or VHS tapes. Do you remember Beta tapes or slides? How about a view master?
In the last 30 years we have seen a transition from floppy disks, to Zip Drives to CD's, DVD's and Blue RAY Disks. We have compact media, SD and Micro SD cards, Thumb Drives and now the Cloud and solid State hard drives.

The point we are trying to make here is that the medium you use to "store" your photos on is fleeting and ever changing. While printing your photos has remained one of the single best ways to continue to catalog, chronicle, create and "cache " your photos.

I take so many photos with my phone ...
We do too, it has become a national obsession. Between selfies, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook just to name a few, doing " Phonies " has severely degraded  the quality of the images being produced. More than that though it has turned our world into a snapshot. Something that is somehow less that it should be. In the name of instant self gratification we are showing our friends what we had for lunch.  This however,  is only special until you post the photos from dinner, taken at a new restaurant you just tried. The truly sad part of this is that without the online apps we post these mini works of art to, they would be lost forever. Because a week or two later they are discarded from your phone just as quickly as they were taken, without a second thought. 

The Crazy Genius Of Instagram, In A Throw Away Society
While we were all busy doing selfies and taking photos of sunsets and posting them to Instagram, they were figuring out a way to make money on your free submissions to their service. Even as you deleted the last sunset to make room on your phone for the more colorful one this week, Instagram was plotting to keep all of your photos. With a simple stroke of a pen and a change of their policy, they created a service that would keep all of your uploaded photos in a database. Now because you agreed to their EULA they simply sell the images to anyone and everyone for profit. Why not? You were just going to throw the pictures away anyway. They have in essence trampled all over copyright laws governing intellectual property, all without paying you for it.  Now that's crazy genius at its best.

Where Did My Photos Go?>>> :(
Have you ever heard this? OMG! Where did all my photos go? Or I changed my phone and lost all the pictures of my son or daughter?  Wow... Just Wow. In some cases this could be 2 or 3 years of photos that are just gone. For many people their phone is their only camera. When you change it if you haven't saved all of your photos to a backup, cloud or media card, they are never going to be found. Sure you might have them on Facebook in a low resolution size ( not printable ) because you were saving data charges and didn't want to be uploading images for an hour.  Now what?
Maybe, you did back everything up on an external drive on your computer or a thumb drive and either lost the thumb drive, or the computer or hard drive crashed.
Maybe you are ahead of the game a little and have a cloud storage, which in the beginning was free. As you added more and more photos (we are all hoarders to some degree) they began to charge you to keep your ever expanding data on their service.  One day you move, or you forget to pay the bill for a couple of months and all of your "data" as well as your account come up missing? Ouch.

What Do I Do To SAVE My Selfie?
So what is the answer?  Store your images online in a FREE cloud service there are lots and for the truly memorable photos PRINT THEM, Make a photo book, share them with friends and family ( known as backup)
Below we have listed a few services that many of you may already use, a few that you don't but all that can be considered viable options for keeping your images. Hey anything is better than losing your phone, crashing your computer or flat our giving your photos to pirates who would sell them to the highest bidder without providing you a dime for the sale.
1)      Professional and amateur photo labs offer free online storage of your images literally forever without charge!
2)      The Lifepics network.  This is a network of pro and amateur labs across the country and Canada that will allow you to upload, print, share, create and print locally any photo you place on the service.  You can even download an app for your phone that will allow you to upload your FULL RESOLUTION images from your mobile device right to your account. 
3)      Locally ( In Hawaii ) There are several labs that participate ours is Pixurelab
4)      You can also store your images, music, documents and more on Google Drive, and Drop Box. Both of these cloud services are an alternative to Microsoft and Apples', cloud services but all are a great alternative.
5)      There are also display sites like Photobucket, Picasa and others. Find one of these and store your images so that you can keep them in a safe place, in the event of a catastrophic computer or phone mishap.
You of course couldn't possibly print all of the photos you take. Honestly you probably don't want to have a glossy 8x10 of your lunch from last year. But there are photos among those you have taken that are print and even display worthy. Spend a few bucks send em to a lab and have them printed. While you're at it, print a little something on the back so you can remember what they were about or where they were from. Your grandchildren will thank you.  - 

Aloha !                                                                                                         


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