Thursday, May 15, 2014

Congratulations Grads - How to plan for your photos

Congratulations to all the 
Graduates of the Class of 2014!

We salute you and all of your accomplishments. Give yourselves a pat on the back! You have finished your senior year in style.

 Many of you took your senior photos over a year ago so you could get your picture in the high school yearbook right? You might have even been forced to go to a studio that your high school selected. You might have not gotten the photos you really wanted. Now a whole year has gone by, you have grown and changed and finished your high school career. 

Do something for yourself - take some photos now, of the new you, heading off into the world - done with the school days... YOU!!

Senior photos are a special type of portrait session. We don't believe they should always happen in a stuffy studio with dated backdrops and props. Many of our seniors have a unique style and personality and we capture this in their photos. This shoot was a lot of fun. Mom and son wanted pictures that showed Hiapo's style and outdoorsy, spirited personality.

 We started in early afternoon to capture the best natural light and the beauty of the bay Hiapo and his mom chose for the location. They brought fun props to highlight his session. Jerry set him at ease and you can see his personality come through onto the images.

They wanted a variety of looks from the sand, to the water and finally to the woods! This location had it all and each backdrop served to bring out the most in Hiapo and his smile.

How to plan for your Senior Portraits

 Senior photos require even more planning than some other types of sessions. 
Andrea "Andy" likes to tell the seniors to prepare like they did when writing an essay for school - Think.... Who? What? Why? Where? and How?

The "Who" of course is YOU. But will it just be you... or will you want friends there too? 

The "What" is easy- its your senior photos but what do you picture for them? What do you want to wear? Will you want to bright colors? Muted? What style fits you and your style? Casual or more dressy? Romantic or sporty?  What will be the perfect look plus still be comfortable and make you feel confident? What props would you like to have? 

The "Why" is easy also- why take them? Because you want to remember these days. These will be your glory days, the ones you want to look back on and share in the future. Why would you want to take photos just like everyone else's? Why wouldn't you want your real personality to shine through in every shot?

"Where?" Where do you want to be? Location, location, location, right? We have several top locations to choose from. C'mon its Hawaii --where isn't there a great beach location, seriously. Where do you picture yourself? There are so many beautiful beaches to choose from but maybe you want to be the main focus. Maybe you want more dramatic shots where the background doesn't steal the show? Or would you like a park? We can do that too.

"How?" How is simple, call us at Hawaiianpix 808-387-0869. Then think about how great and how amazing your senior photos will be! And how you will love to look back at them one day and remember this special time in your life.

Got it? We work with you to get to know you and make you feel comfortable.

The genuine smiles and personalities appear when we are all having fun.

Sunset or Sunrise...

Props or no props....

Our goal is to make it fun...

and help you connect and be the best version of you...not someone else's version of you
Saving those memories..and creating new ones...

Close up... or farther away from the camera....

We put YOU in the FOCUS!

Congratulations again from all of us! You DID it--- SMILE!!!!

Click on this link to see a special we are running for all you graduates this week!

Way to go GRADS!!!
from all of us at 

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