Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Portrait Sessions in Hawaii

Summer Portrait Sessions in Hawaii

The first official day of summer is here and we are ready for it. Seriously!
 Friends and family on the mainland always laugh when we say things like that.They say,"Its Hawaii, its always summer, c'mon". That is true but we do have a subtle change of seasons here that brings wetter then drier periods, cooler tradewind breezes versus hot, sun-filled days, and changes in surf around the island. We have learned to be meteorologists, surf and tide chart interpreters, and connoisseurs of sunscreen brands. But beyond the weather and surf changes, summer brings a really busy booking calendar filled with many diverse types of sessions.

 You won't hear any of us complain about summer or being busy because we love our customers, we love our island ( Oahu by the way) and we love what we do. We also get teased with,"You're a photographer in Hawaii, how hard can that be?" Let's face it, everyone wants to be a photographer in Hawaii right? It's one of the most beautiful settings on earth. Very true and part of what we love. But photography for weddings and on location portraits is only just the tip of the iceberg of what we do. Hawaiianpix is one of the only companies that not only shoot and edit but we also print our own work in our onsite professional print lab. We keep very,very busy.

We thought you might enjoy seeing a series of photos taken right before summer officially started. You can see the different beach locations, the diverse types of portraits and the incredible images captured by our photographers.

Summer is filled with family portraits. These beautiful ladies were on a path leading to the beach waiting out a light rain shower. You would never even know that it was drizzling.

On to the north shore of Oahu and an individual headshot session for a lady updating her portfolio. 

In this color shot you can see how she was ready for the sun! Her hat prop allowed her to shine her gorgeous eyes right at us.

 Same location but this time a family session in the bright mid morning sun. Brother and sister lead the charge down the sand while mom and dad look on proudly.

Daughter's time to shine in front of the ocean.

Then a green sea turtle came trying to steal the show. We love the keikis' smiles as they pose by their new Hawaiian friend. They knew not to touch him and how to keep the right distance away to protect the turtle.

When we finished the HONU ( turtle) headed back out to the water to cool off after sunning on the rocks.

Next morning found us on the West side of the island. A family session exploring the tidal pools...

Followed by a fun couple celebrating their anniversary. They picked amazing coordinated leis and their smiles were a mile wide and a million watts bright. We had so much fun with this couple!

Next morning its down to the South shore and fun with dad and boys looking out at surfers and Diamond Head.
The sun was extra bright but Jerry knows how to seek the shade and get these cute little guys smiles to show up!

Another sunny day, another gorgeous beach location. This family is on the east side of the island at Waimanalo Bay. 

Mom and baby daughter are all we see in this treasured photo.. oh yeah I guess there is a beautiful turquoise ocean behind them and tropical trees and... yeh... we only see their pretty smiles too.

New day, complete the circle of the island and back at the north shore location. This time a couple's session very customized with his uniform and her bright and beautiful red dress.

Then another's couple session. This photo of this couple walking on the path by the ocean is timeless and romantic. 

Then the shot we got of them with the waves crashing behind them topped the last one. 

This evening at the north shore ended with a powerful pastel sunset. This couple will have a hard time picking which sunset shot they like best!

Thanks to all of these customers for a fun and diverse few weeks leading up to the official summer time schedule.

 We hope to see you this summer too! Give us a call at 808-387-0869 and Andy will help to get your appointment scheduled. She is in the office Tues- Sat from 9 am to 1 pm HST

Happy Summer 
from all of us at

Monday, June 9, 2014

A Perfect Hawaiian Day at Pu'u Ualaka'a

Janelle and AJ picked a location for their photo shoot that fit them to a "T". This couple were a lot of fun to work with, adaptable to the situation at hand and adventurous. 
The locals refer to this spot as "Tanatalus". 
The formal name of the location is Pu'u Ualaka'a State Park 
( pronounced Poo -oo Ooo all-ah kah-ah). 
Try to say that five times fast! What we have found about this spot is that it provides a great variety of background looks, is lush with colors, and is the best location on the island for a breathtaking view looking down onto Diamond Head Crater and downtown Waikiki and Honolulu.
It was the perfect place for this couple.. come see for yourself in their photos...

 Even in black and white you can see the beauty of the location and the adventurous spirit of this happy couple.

When a little Mauka shower ( translation: quick, light Hawaiian rain shower) surprised us, AJ and Janelle were ready with smiles and a polka dot umbrella. You can't get this look without a little rain and the misty rain made the curved road in the park look dramatic and romantic.

Look at this timeless photo!!!

And as fast as it appeared, the showers left and the sun came out again. These two were ready for everything. It really was a perfect day.

 Look at the beautiful view and the smile on her face. We really had a lot of fun!

You can see way out to the edge of the horizon here.

This couple is going to have a hard time deciding which of these amazing photos to frame up!

After the showers, the colors just came alive at the park

Aj and Janelle were so affectionate and comfortable and it shows in every shot.

 Just plain fun and so CUTE!!!!

In typical Hawaiian fashion, there were beautiful flower blossoms all over the ground

 We made the most of the flowers. Here is a real Plumeria blossom found on the ground just perfect to adorn Janelle's ear.. and per Hawaiian tradition she has the blossom tucked in the left ear symbolizing her married status.

 Thank you AJ and Janelle for a fun session!

If you just can't decide where you want to take your photos, we hope you will consider Pu'u Ualaka'a State Park - it may end up being a perfect fit for you on a perfect Hawaiian Day!

We love our customers! Mahalo from all of us at 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

So You Want to be a June Bride?

We have enjoyed meeting so many
 future brides and grooms lately. 
Does it seem like everyone you know is suddenly getting married? Us too! Jerry recently wrote an article that is filled with great tips for anyone you know planning a wedding in the coming year..(or the next year too). Click on the link below to go the Around Hawaii site and see this and many other informative and interesting articles .

And here's the scoop for those of you thinking of tying the knot soon...

Happy Couple
Ahh wedding season. June is upon us and all around us we see signs and banners for "Grads & Dads" .... Really?  We submit that there wouldn't be any Grads or for that matter Dads, without Brides!  Seriously, don't they know its Wedding season?
CalendarAccording to a study done by Knot and The Wedding Channel of over 17,000 brides, June was the single most popular wedding month. Keeping this fact in mind, when did you start planning your June wedding? Well if it was last month you are WAY behind the curve.
This same study found that the average length of engagement was 14 months. This means that June 2015 brides have already been planning their wedding for 2 months! What this means for new brides is that it will be harder to find the vendors you want for your specific June date if you haven't already begun the process of making reservations.
BrideOh, and this isn’t your mothers wedding.... With an average budget of just over $28,400 this is an event like no other in your life. So how do you go about getting all of the right professionals to make your day an amazing and memorable one?  You will spend some time with them get to know them in a consultation, either on the phone, via skype or google hangout or best yet in a face to face meeting.
First impressions from the web or a friends pictures of their wedding is good but nothing replaces the direct contact and interaction with your vendors. So where do you go first?
Well, the rules of journalism kind of falls into play here.......
  1. Where? - The location you plan to be married,
  2. When? - Your wedding date and the time of day
  3. What? - Simple or Elegant wedding which generally determines the next
  4. How? - Will we pay for all of this, we need a budget
  5. Who? - Your Vendors, from Flowers to Photographers
When it comes to choosing your “Who" in the above list you will be presented with tons of options for every single category of vendor in your area.  Keeping this list handy will help you to plan your wedding in an effective manner and possibly even get a great deal doing it.
Wedding Planner 9-12 months 
Ceremony - Reception Venue 9-12 months 
Caterer 9-11 months 
Photographer 6-10 months 
DJ 6-9 months 
Videographer 6-8 months 
Officiant 6-8 months 
Florist 6-8 months 
Baker - Cake 6-8 months 
Purchase Invitations 6-8 months 
Limo 2-5 months
The reason for this is simple. The closer you are to your wedding day, like airline travel, the more you will likely pay for the service. This is simply due to the schedule of your vendors. As they become more and more booked, they need to spend more for labor, overhead etc.
Finally, after the music has stopped the dress has been stored or trashed, the tux returned to the shop. The two vendors who work after your wedding is done is your videographer and your photographer. Get a timeline from them on delivery of your album, prints or files before the wedding is over. Mark it on the calendar and follow up with them if you don't hear from them first.  We make a point of keeping in touch with our couples well after their wedding. From posting their images online for friends and family to doing “honeymoon & trash the dress" sessions and delivering their album. Some of our weddings go on several months after the main event.
So You Wanna Be A June Bride........... Start now for 2016. :D Aloha


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