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Pinterest 101

Pinterest 101
Ideas for Your Portrait Session

Do you "Pin"?
 If you are like over 70 million of us then the answer is YES. 
If you already follow our boards and "repin" our pins, thank you! We try to add new pins every week. Please "follow" us and repin your favorite ones from our boards!

If you have no idea what we are talking about, then please read on because we believe Pinterest is one of the best ways to get ideas about everything and anything you can possibly imagine but specifically, it is loaded with ideas for you for your photos.

Quick Pinterest 101 for all you newbies:

Pinterest is free. Create a page in about 3 minutes time. Here is what we look like on Pinterest:

Please look us up and "follow us", we promise you will love our pins.
Hey, what is a pin?? It is like a bookmark. Remember "dog ear-ing" a page in a magazine or tearing out a page with a photo of something you liked back in the "dark ages"? No more, you just digitally pin something you find interesting. Then when you click on that pin, it takes you to the website where it came from.

You save and organize your pins onto boards. Let's say you are planning a wedding and want to gather ideas and maybe connect to services for your special day.

This is our Wedding Photography Board. As you can see there are 99 pins so far that will give you ideas on everything from poses to floral arrangements to special memories you will want to save forever in photos. Please, "repin". You can follow the entire board too so you will see updates as we add more pins.

Already been married? Did you ever take "Trash the Dress" photos? Those can be a lot of fun too. Here is board we have devoted to just those fun sessions:

Do you have a little one on the way? Want to save that special moment in time. Yep, we have a board devoted to Maternity Sessions:

When you go to that board you will see a great selection of pins full of ideas on what clothing work great for maternity photos, times of day to have your session, location ideas, you name it! We hope you will have fun with pinning!

Our other boards include:

Location boards with pictures taken at some of our favorite locations around Oahu:
This board contains pins from photos taken on the West Side of our island.

We often have people ask us for ideas on what to wear for their portrait sessions. 
This board is full of pins that will give you ideas for clothing options.

We even have a board devoted to ideas for photo gifts.

We hope you enjoyed learning a little more about Hawaiianpix's Pinterest boards. Maybe you now have an idea for a fun photo session you hadn't considered before like a "Trash the Dress" session. Or maybe the boards will help you decide your favorite location or how you want to dress for your session. 
Have fun pinning! Call Andy at 808-387-0869 to book your session and pin away!

Friday, August 15, 2014

A Surprise Engagement - Even for the Photographer!

A Surprise Engagement ~~~ Even for the Photographer!

We have photographed many engagements over the years. 
Sometimes these were complete surprises for the future bride but we knew ahead what was coming next. Their special someone drops down on one knee and the smiles and tears start flowing. We have heard so many happy "yes" replies and then seen to it that the joyful hugs and kisses are saved into treasured images. 

Just a few weeks ago, we had a first~~ a surprise engagement that was a surprise even to us! Usually, the clever party calls us secretly ahead of time to let us in on the proposal plans when they are first scheduling a session. We are good at keeping their secret and they have always been able to have the fun of their surprise proposal. Sometimes they even wait until right before the session begins to pull the photographer aside and let them know they are going to propose. But not this time, nope, we were totally kept out of the loop. 
This time the couple surprised even the photographer! 


This couple was taking some very cute couples pictures together...

Then Thomas popped the BIG Question... "Will you marry me?"

And Jade's answer was a resounding YES !

Her beautiful engagement ring

First kisses as fianc├ęs

 Congratulations Jade and Tommy
from all of us here at

Monday, August 4, 2014

A Variety of Locations, Looks, and Colors

Locations, Looks, and Colors
F.A.Q's  From Our Customers

Q1. What is the perfect location?
A1. Hello? Hawaii... You are on a tropical island in the Pacific Ocean, we think all of em' are great. Honestly though, each of the locations we shoot at have a unique personality and so are our clients. We make choosing a location as simple as clicking on our " Sessions Information " tab on this blog. 

Q2. What is the best color to wear?

A2. This is a tricky question. 
People have colors they prefer, unfortunately this can mean 4 different preferences in a family of 4 people. The key is to find some common ground. Generally choose cool colors, blues, greens and aqua tones. or you can choose warm tones, reds, pinks, yellows. If non of these work, neutrals are great together or mixed with colors. Blacks, whites and grays. Staying with SOLIDS is our best suggestion. Printed clothing is fine but as an accent, Seriously, you will want to avoid putting the entire family in the same large colored print. The reason is simple, the clothing becomes more important than the people wearing it. 

Q3. Can we get a variety of looks from just one location?

A3. Absolutely. Everywhere you look in Hawaii, there is a different feel. We use a variety of focal lengths and lighting techniques and 30 years of experience to provide a different feel and look to virtually any location. 

So take a look at some of our June and July sessions and see how the variety of locations, looks and combinations of colors and groups work for all of these individuals, couples and families both small and large.

 Monica and Justin were visiting from New Zealand at the end of June and arranged a portrait session with us about a month before their planned arrival.
 This couple chose to stay in the same outfits throughout their entire session at Ala Moana Beach Park. Justin is in a simple white t shirt and Monica wore a tropical peach colored dress and flower lei.
 Any of their photos are perfect for their Save the Date announcement card.
And they achieved a variety of looks at just one location, wearing clothes in a simple color pallet without any outfit changes at all. 

Now look at this larger family group.
 We give kudos to the A Family's mom for her awesome wardrobe planning. No one was too matchy-matchy, and the color pallet looked great. And she achieved a nice variety of looks. Sorry Dad if you helped, we just know moms usually do that part of the planning!!

 Each of the keiki had their chance to shine.
 Right down to the very lucky youngest one! 

 Now, a little smaller family, a different location, a matching color pallet and still, beautiful results once again.

It's black and white so the colors they wore wouldn't matter- but they still work!!!

This couple really achieved a variety of looks at their session. Soft and thoughtful...
Playful and fun....
And finally super romantic. Waimanalo Bay provided a nice variety of backdrops. Their colors and poses provided the rest of the variety and beautiful outcome.
This fun and large family pulled off amazing coordination for so many people!
And they achieved some priceless results!! Thank you to all the M Family!
The P family also coordinated beautiful. A few small splashes of color adds the variety and pop.
At Ala Moana Beach Park, the kids found the trees as much fun as the sand!
If you only saw this photo you would never guess that Michelle and Matthew are super busy parents. A most romantic pose and incredible backdrop result in a treasured photo.
Add the sweet kiddos, walk in the woods next to the beach and you have another priceless pic!
Michelle and the youngest keiki in a completely timeless mom and baby photo.
A family with two brothers and buddies forever caught in a precious moment in time.
And mom and dad complete the picture. 

We hope we have illustrated our answers to the frequent questions. Many different color combos can work, one location can indeed result in a variety of looks and the most important element is really YOU and your loved ones and everyone's smiles!
Call us today at 808-387-0869. We want to put YOU in the picture!!

From all of us at


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