Friday, October 24, 2014

Halloween at Hawaiianpix

Happy Halloween from all of us at Hawaiianpix!!
At Hawaiianpix we have a lot of fun while working! Jerry works hard and still manages to get people to smile at him and his camera all day long out in the hot Hawaiian sun. Kari works hard editing your photos and getting the albums online for you -and usually has a smile on her face while looking at all of your smiling faces looking back at her from the computer screen. And Andrea "Andy" gets to help all of you arrange your portrait sessions. She has a smile and a laugh ready for everyone whether you are kamaaina ( local) or visitors to our beautiful islands. 

We have a lot of fun around the holidays too. Andy likes to decorate the office with spooky yet playful ghosties and pumpkins. Kari likes apple cider brewing and humors Andy with the Halloween station on Pandora. And we all like to dress up at Halloween and have fun! 

Here's a fun shot of Jerry and Connie a few years ago at Halloween!

Here's Andy at Halloween a few years ago- 

yep she's Robin ( Batman's sidekick)

and here is Kari being Supergirl!! ok- this was...ok well, many years ago....

Notice a common theme here?--- yep we all wear our super hero capes and we all like to have fun!

Fall is a special time and Halloween literally kicks off the holiday season now it seems.
Ever notice everything is "Pumpkin Spice" this time of year?

Yep, Halloween can be a lot of fun!

And if you want some really Spooky Savings on your photos this Halloween, 
click on the link below:

Super Spooky Savings from Hawaiianpix Photography
Hurry though- come Halloween at midnight these savings fly away !

Happy Fall and Happy Halloween from all of us at

Friday, October 17, 2014

Holiday Photos - Schedule Your Session Today Or You Might Be Too Late!!!

Holiday Photos - 
Schedule Your Session Today Or You Might Be Too Late!!!

Seriously, this time of year we always feel a bit like Chicken Little shouting out "The sky is falling , the sky is falling!!!" but it's not the sky that's falling- its the available holiday photo dates slipping away. Honestly,it is getting very late to schedule your holiday portraits. 

If you haven't called and made a reservation yet, you will want to call today and talk to Andrea "Andy" at 808-387-0869. Our Saturdays in October are almost completely booked but we have many available weekday mornings ( Tues- Fri)  for families and weekday evenings (Tues- Fri) open for couples. Please call and schedule now!!

Here are some fun photos that we are guessing will be included 
in holiday cards this season.....

Sunsets to sunrises............

Special Memories...

Smile - this will be "THE" photo !!! 

Or maybe THIS will be the one!!!!

Anniversaries, engagements, little babies first photos... we expect many of these images will be shared this holiday season.

At Hawaiianpix- we know how to have fun while we work! Look at these couples hamming it up and having a blast at their sunset session together!

Inspired to book your session now? 
Pick up the phone and get on the calendar before its to late!!!!

HURRY! We can't wait to put "YOU" in the picture!!
Looking for a great portrait session package? 

Click Here

Friday, October 3, 2014

Couples Clothing Combos

Couples Clothing Choices

To Match or Not To Match...That is the Question...
Seriously though we are often asked what are the best color combinations for couples photos. We think you can match colors and tones but you might want to think twice about exact matching fabric....

We're not saying some couples can't pull of the Matchy Matchy look but, well, .. well......

Sometimes not matching your clothing colors is ok too...

This couple's outfits don't match but they also don't contrast. The end result is a beautiful photo that has you focusing on the right places, not on their clothing choices.

This couple went for basic black for both of them. But it really works

Look how dramatic this sunset shot looks! And no super bright /off colors to distract from the beauty

 Notice these two have the same blue color tones but aren't over the top matchy matchy.

Same for this couple, they are wearing two shades of pink but it coordinates without being too similar. Imagine if they were exactly the same shade of pink-- their shirts would blend so much together it would look like one giant shirt!

This couples' clothing choices really work to make this classic image.

Here is the same couple changed out of pink into their other outfit choice. Another great color combo. Which outfit color choice draws your eye more to the background and which do you feel like you notice the couple more??

 This couple went for a contrasting combo. Black and white clothing choices. They really pulled it off!

 We love how they had fun too wearing their shades and leis and hamming it up in this shot!

Here is where Jerry's professional photographers eye comes into play. He found the perfect area to photograph this couple and bring all the color elements together into an amazing and priceless image.

This couple doesn't have matching colors or patterns but it works because he is in a nearly solid color top and she has a simple patterned top.

You can see in this image the clothing doesn't distract you from noticing their expressions and the dramatic pose and lighting. 

We hope this helps you with your couples clothing choices!!

Call Andrea "Andy" at 808-387-0869 to set up your appointment today!!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Surprise! Your Images Are Back Online

Have you checked your Hawaiianpix Gallery Online?

Your images are back JUST IN TIME for the Holidays! 

Forgot your email access code?

Email us and we will send it right to you!!! Click here:

Are you feeling Blue as the holidays are rushing at you? Don't worry, we have many specials and ideas to help make your holiday shopping easy!

Do you have one of those "hard to buy for" people on your Holiday list? How about photos of you, or a photo of the family on a custom iphone cover, ipad cover or a canvas print for the wall? This may be your easiest shopping year yet!

If you need a Saturday morning to shoot your family photos you will want to call Andrea "Andy" right away at 808-387-0869. Saturday mornings in October are filling fast and November will be here before you know it so call today!

Holiday Portrait Season is 
Sept. 15th through November 26th, 2014


Did you know that .........................
If you purchase directly from Paypal you have the option of zero payment + 0% interest for 6 months
NOW you know!!!!

Mahalo from all of us here at Hawaiianpix !


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