Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Singing and Dancing in the Rain

....or how to make the best of a rainy day

While we don't recommend shooting your photos in the rain, if it does happen to you, we hope you embrace it like these two young ladies did a few weeks ago.

Melissa and Laura were in town from New York on vacation. They really wanted to capture pictures of the amazing time they had in Hawaii. Unfortunately the rain settled in at the start of their session time. They were leaving back to snow, work, and reality the next day so they decided to just have fun in the rain.

Their smiles still shone even though the sun didn't want to come out.

As the famous quote from Dolly Parton says: " The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain."

These two best friends really made the most of their time.

If you didn't know it was raining, you would never guess from their joyous expressions.

Thank you Melissa and Laura! 
We had fun singing and dancing in the rain with you too! 
You now have great photos to remember your amazing time in Hawaii!!

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Ranger Haircut

McKinsey set up a portrait shoot and needed it to be completed BEFORE her haircut. 

Most of the time our customers want to get haircuts and makeup done first, then shoot their photos after. In this case, McKinsey was starting a quest that women haven't had the chance to try before- she would be getting her haircut for an important part of her job---
 Ranger Training School.

Here are pictures from her photoshoot with us Before her haircut:

Now for McKinsey's story in her own words:

Thanks again for the photo shoot.  I've attached some pics of the haircut, as you suggested.
Here is the story on the hair:

I cut 20 inches off after the shoot on Saturday and donated it to Locks of Love, because this week I am reporting to Army Ranger Training and Assessment Course (RTAC) at Ft. Benning, GA. 

 RTAC is a prerequisite to attend US Army Ranger School, which is a very elite and challenging school that has been historically closed to women.

In January, the Chief of Staff of the Army, GEN Odierno, made the decision to admit females to attend Ranger School in April.  Since then, 43 women have attended RTAC to compete for those slots.  Six women have passed RTAC and have been cleared to attend the April class.  There will be two more iterations of the RTAC course to determine which women will attend the April Ranger Class.

The women that graduate from Ranger School will still not be allowed to serve in Ranger Battalions, but will be authorized to wear the coveted Ranger Tab on their left shoulder.

Background on Ranger School:
Ranger School is a 60 day course, that tests Soldiers on small unit leadership in an enviornment that is intended to closely simulate combat stress.  Ranger students are expected to motivate their peers and make sound tactical decisions while operating on very little sleep and a stinted diet.  Rigorous physical testing and land navigation account for a majority of the failures, but others are dismissed for lacking motivation, failing a leadership task, or not being evaluated highly by their peers (dubbed "peered out").


All of here at Hawaiianpix are in awe of YOU and wish you the best McKinsey!!


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