Wednesday, May 20, 2015

6 Things To Help You Make Memorable Save the Date Cards

6 Things To Help You Make Memorable 
Save the Date Cards

1. Include photos with your Save the Date Cards.

Although this may seem obvious, many examples of Save the Date Cards include no photos at all. We have become a visual society and photos make people take notice. Plus your friends and family want to see you and your fiance- yes the really do!

While this Save The Date is really cute there is no photo at all. 

Now check out how classic your card could be with the addition of a photo ( or two) :

2. Professional Photos not selfies will make your card "pop".

You may have a fun selfie that you took at a party or concert. Even if you love it, this is not the photo to put on your card. Professional photos are worth every penny when it comes to capturing you and your loved one. This goes for your Save the Date card and for your Dream Wedding Day, hire a professional photographer. Enough said.

3. Personalize your location in your photos.

Do you two have a favorite beach you love to go to? A botanical garden? A romantic forest under pine trees?  Are you sunset or sunrise romantics? You are the stars of the photo but the location plays a co-starring role so plan ahead for a great and meaningful spot.

4. Use props to tell your story.

Have fun with props. Surfboards if you are surfers, a guitar ( or ukulele) being strummed by your fiance, banners or signs with your names or wedding date. The possibilities are endless and will make your save the date cards ones they will always remember.

5. Include the wedding date AND year. 

Seriously this might seem obvious but with the average wedding taking over a year or more for planning, the year of your event is as important as the actual date!  Include the date in your photo or even overlay it along the top or bottom of your photo. A mini calendar with the wedding date circled is a nice added touch. 

6. Make sure to include the wedding location.
Avoid having hundreds of your friends and family asking you, "Where's the wedding?" by including the city and state on your card. If your wedding is a destination event, most of your guests may have to travel and make reservations so let them know with time to plan.

We hope these tips help you to plan your perfect Save the Date Card!!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Supermom~~Mother's Day

All of here at Hawaiianpix think our moms are pretty "super".
And some of us are moms ourselves. We do feel like least some days. 
So here is our story in comic book form:

In our story, Supermom's kids are trying to decide what to get her for Mother's Day.....
Look at Grandma with the baby- is this the perfect gift?

The kids start thinking about it.....

And as kids do- they start having fun...

They are all trying to decide on the perfect gift....then.....
AH- HA!!!!!!!
It comes to them! 
Mom wants photos of them to show others. 
Photos of her and the kids. Photos of her and the grand kids.

THAT's IT!!! The perfect gift for MOM!

We have a SUPER deal you won't want to miss for the 
SUPER MOM in your life!!!

She holds you tight in her loving arms....

Lifts you up when you need a boost...

Gives you her time and attention.....

She give you so much, now give MOM something that will make her smile!!

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for new adventures



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