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Location Photography In Hawaii

By (Hawaiianpix Photography) on Sep 30, 2016 01:50 pm

How to choose the perfect location for your Hawaiian photographs

BeachPano Choosing the perfect spot for your Hawaiian photographs is no easy task. Hardly an inch of the island chain falls short of dazzling, so when it comes time to choose just one location for the backdrop of your maternity photographs, family portraits, or wedding photographs in Hawaii, you might find yourself overwhelmed by options!

Luckily, the islands are full of colorful friendly locals, who can help you narrow down your choices. Begin your hunt for the best photo locations in Hawaii by consulting these people:

1.Hawaii tourist agencies and online trip advisors 

Inside a tourist agency or trip advisory website, you will find a team of friendly experts on Hawaii’s hidden gems. This group will be able to suggest plenty of leads. They can tell you where the sugar sand beaches are and where waves crash over black, volcanic rock. They can refer you to lush botanical gardens or tell you where you’ll have a great view of the Hawaiian sunset. Browse these sites to get an idea of what Hawaii has to offer before you arrive:,,

While tourist agencies might have some great ideas or maybe even been to the locations they recommend, they aren’t experts in photography, portrait, wedding or otherwise. Make sure you follow up on their leads to verify that a location would be practical for photography with a local Hawaii based photographer.

2.Photographers in Hawaii

Your Hawaiian photographer should be your number one, go-to resource for planning your Hawaiian photography session. Experienced photographers in Hawaii have been spearheading the quest for beautiful photography locations for years. They are likely to have a list of their own favorite locations, which they can recommend to you for your wedding photographs or family portraits which are stunning, secluded and beautiful.

In addition to knowing where beauty lies, Your photographers also know what locations work best in terms of lighting, accessibility, and crowd-control. From the seasonal changes of the sunset and waves to the rainy and sunny times, your photographer is your best resource when it comes to choosing your location!

3.Don't deny your eye....

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, at the end of the day, your maternity photos, family portraits, or wedding pictures deserve a choice that you make after evaluating from all the information about locations to the style and scenery. Choose a  photographer that is diverse in their ability to cover different locations, lighting and seasonal situations. After all this may be your one and only trip to the islands and that one image could be the one you keep forever. 

Try to have a clear vision of what you you want before you choose a location. Do you picture yourself and your groom standing on a volcanic rock, with waves crashing dramatically behind you? Or are you hoping to catch some candid cuties of your children playing in the sand? Whatever you envision as the backdrop of your photographs in Hawaii, don’t settle for less. You can find a location that matches up with your vision. Now that you’ve narrowed down the list of possible locations, with input from a Hawaiian photographer and from your own mind’s eye, whittle that list down one by searching for a place that meets these criteria:

1.Minimal tourist traffic

Nothing is more disruptive than a tourist, in a bright Hawaiian shirt, meandering their way through the background of your photos. Your photos are all about you and your loved ones. Scout out a place with some privacy, so that you and Hawaii will be the focus of your photos. If you really must shoot your photos at a popular location, find out when the peak hours are and avoid them!

2.Clear horizon

The tropical sunset is one of the most iconic images to come out of Hawaii, and as all Hawaiian wedding photographers know, the lighting is ideal for silhouette portraiture. If you want to make your mark on a Hawaiian sunset, make sure that you choose a location with a clear view of the horizon. A couple of palm trees are gorgeous, but more foliage than that looks cluttered.

3.Vibrant color contrast

Hawaii is known for tropical colors that popping out of every corner. For your photographs, choose a location that plays up this magical aspect of island life. The beaches on the east side of the island are known for the high contrast between white sand and brilliantly blue water.

4.  Simple

As stunning as Hawaii is, you have to be careful that the island’s beauty doesn’t steal the focus away from you and your loved ones in your Hawaiian photographs.

A bare beach, with a bit of fluffy white surf at the shore’s edge, will emphasize the subjects of your photographs, rather than distracting from them. If you do fancy a lush, jungle scene in the background of your photos, try to find foliage that is all a similar shade of green. 

5.Convenient and accessible to the public

Spending time on an archipelago has many charms, but extensive travel on an island can be a bit of a nuisance. You’ll be less stressed (and have brighter smiles!) if you are able to set up your photography session close to your lodgings. This is doubly true if you’ve chosen to get family photography in Hawaii, as the smaller members of your family can complicate travel, or if you’re having wedding photos made, as you will be occupied with all the other details of your big day.

Don’t forget to double check that the location you choose for your Hawaiian photos is publicly accessible. Many unmarked stretches of beach belong to resorts. You wouldn’t want an employee to shoo you away in the middle of your photo session! When you think you’ve got the perfect location nailed down, touch base one last time with your Hawaiian photographer. They can warn you of any complications involved in your choice, or give you tips for what to bring and wear to make the most of your beautiful spot! 

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