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photo of jerry
" The Big Cheese" Jerry Omo jr.
Our company Hawaiianpix is proud to be a family run company. The business is owned and operated by Jerry and his wife Constance who at one time or another have put all 3 of their kids to work as photographers, printers, editors etc. All of the children are now pursuing different interests however, they have a solid understanding of what it takes to operate and run a business having worked for Hawaiianpix. The company is located on the island of Oahu in Hawaii and have been in the business of making photographs for 35 years and yes this is a recent photo of our primary photographer, done near Mililani, Hawaii, in 2013. 

When Hawaiianpix began, our mission was to provide portraits for people at any level for an affordable price. The idea was not to charge more than the owners themselves would want to pay for their family photography. This extends to portraits of any kind. From High School Seniors, Engagements, Weddings, Kids, and Family Photography to their business portraits. Hawaiianpix photography is committed to bringing High Quality images to their clients at affordable prices. 

More than their family style pricing and great quality, the owners of Hawaiianpix are all about you and enjoying your time together. Jerry recalls having to be twisted into a very uncomfortable position, in a small little man suit for a photo when he was a kid. When he became a photographer himself, he made it his goal to abolish the stiff, rigid, uncomfortable stigma that has been associated with studio photography of the past, while maintaining his classic portrait training. This commitment led to photography that is "naturally posed". A phrase he uses often when describing his work style. 

Hawaiianpix has been a photographic company in Hawaii for 30 years. Providing an atmosphere of professionalism, in a very local, easy going style. Let them put you at ease about your portraits and turn some moments into memories for you. 


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